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Rhinestone Bracelets from Shoelaces!

16 March 2010 4,952 views 2 Comments

by Care

I've been eying the "fashion shoelaces" at the dollar store for ages, trying to come up with a fun project to use them in.  With my son's pirate-themed birthday party over the weekend, my brain was finally nudged into gear!  These skull-and-crossbone shoelaces were the perfect thing to fashion bracelets out of for the girl guests at the party -- myself included, of course!  [Come see how it's done!]

Project Estimate:

  • fashion shoelaces, $1
  • rhinestone applique, $1
  • scraps of 1/4" elastic, on hand
  • tweezers
  • iron

Total:  $2 for 12 bracelets!!

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  • heather said:

    Those are so cute! I know I should be too old for them, but I love piratey skulls. Can’t wait to see how it’s done!

  • Amanda said:

    This is really, really cute! So many possibilities too!