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Good Organizing Ideas (for cheap!)

20 March 2010 48,729 views 11 Comments

by heather

Good and cheap organizing ideas from DollarStoreCrafts.com - office organization, diy storage that fits into your decor

Yes, you can get organized without spending a lot of money! You'll be impressed with the great organizing ideas I've found for you this week!

Dollar Store Shoe Storage: $1 each
Amanda's blog, A Lovely Place to Land is rapidly becoming one of my favorite blog stops, and her closet makeover proves why! She only spent $36.75 to completely organize her closet with tons of shoe and accessories storage, and it looks GOOD, too! This photo shows her shoe storage solution: dollar store plastic shoeboxes, and photos of their contents. Smart! Go check out the rest of the closet makeover!

"Transient" Storage Shelves: $25 (or on hand)
Awhile back, Amy at the Red Chair Blog posted what is one of my favorite home organization tips: dedicate a storage tower to "transient" items: those things that need to leave your home and go somewhere else, but usually end up cluttering an unfortunate corner in your house. She used a wire cube and some banker's boxes, and labeled them so everyone would know where to put those pesky items.

You can find similar cube-storage towers at the thrift store, or maybe you have some on hand already. Or, if you're feeling ambitious, build your own with these excellent plans from Knock-Off Wood. Banker's boxes are fairly inexpensive (the dollar store has similar boxes for $1 each, but they're a slightly different size, and usually located in the laundry section). You can get a 10-pack of banker's boxes at Costco for about $12.

Check out Amy's Red Chair Transient Storage Post.

Dollar Store Basket Makeover: About $3
Annelise at quarterlife lifestyle shows us how to make over a tacky dollar store basket (yep, I said tacky) into a fabulous basket (she used pretty designer fabric, but you can use whatever you have in your stash. Yep, I said stash. Don't deny it.) Check out the tutorial here.

Fun Craft Closet Storage: $10 and up
Jane at Finding Fabulous reorganized her kiddos' craft closet with the help of some colorful dollar store items. The basket section at my local dollar store is brimming with brightly colored baskets (a LOT of green and turquoise right now) that can cheer up your closet clutter. Check out Jane's closet remake here.

Organize and Hide your TV Cables: $2
Chica and Jo are always good for some great ideas, and this idea for disguising TV cables is sheer genius. I estimated $2 because I'm thinking you could substitute some dollar store boxes, but you could spend a few bucks more for some fancy boxes, too. Click here to find out how to hide those unsightly cords!

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Have you done any organizational craft projects lately? Share them here!

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  • Sophia said:

    Thanks for this wonderful round-up! I love organizing (probably because I NEED it so much), and several of these ideas were solutions to problems I have right now. Thank you!!

  • amy said:

    I couldn’t believe all the little storage boxes and bins they have at Dollar Tree right now! I bought an assortment to organize my craft supplies. I like the clear plastic tubs with lids that stack nicely. I used a sharpie to right on the end and top what is inside. They look so nice stacked in the closet!

  • amy said:

    The “transient” storage shelves just gave me sortof an organizing epiphany. I realized that I don’t really have a space designated for “current” – mail to read, cross-stitches I’m working on, book I’m reading, etc. I always end up leaving them on the coffee table or night stand and my boyfriend gets so mad! I just found a little wicker basket in my closet so I’m going to designate it for “current!”

  • CraftyRichela said:

    The transient storage is such a great idea. I’ve been chucking things into little “give-away” piles, only to have someone in my family either reclaim them or throw them out. This is why I read this blog! Inspiration. Thanks.

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  • Annelise said:

    Thanks for linking to my tutorial! Dollar Tree could make so much more money if they made baskets in normal, non-neon colors.

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  • Ali said:

    I Organized all my “school stuff” clutter with the Dollar Tree and The thrift store! $32 for organizational bliss. Check it out:


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