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Recycle Stained Clothes into Baby Toy

12 April 2010 19,318 views 14 Comments

by heather

It's a fact of life that baby clothes, cute as they are, can get stained pretty easily. And once they're stained beyond saving, they're no good for donation or hand-me-downs. I took some unsalvageable clothes and made them into cute crinkly baby toys by covering the stained areas with dollar store ribbon. And know what? This is my six month-old son's favorite toy! For this project, I busted into my old baby clothes stash and my stash of baby wipes envelopes (yes, sadly I have a stash of them... I just KNOW I can do something with them! Or maybe I need to join a support group for trash hoarders.) [Get the details on how to make this toy over in my post at AmazingMoms]

I'm going to bring you more clothing remake projects this week, so if you have any good ones, feel free to leave a link in the comments here!

Project Materials:

  • Old stained clothes, on hand
  • Ribbon, on hand or $1 and up
  • Baby wipes envelope or crinkly cellophane, on hand
  • Sewing stuff, on hand

Total: FREE and up

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  • Sarah said:

    The inside bag from a cereal box works really great for crinkle as well!

  • denese said:

    i NEVER thought of saving baby wipe packages, yet i am CONSTANTLY wondering what to recycle into the noisemaker for crafts like this. i crochet little animals and have been searching for the perfect crinkle material to stuff into them. thank you so much for this obviously great idea!

  • erin said:

    Cute! I think I need to make one of these to use up some fabric and ribbon scraps. I hear you about the trash hoarding. I try to limit myself to one (or maybe two) boxes so I don’t end up on Hoarders. Ha!

  • Angela said:

    I just turned an old miniskirt into a purse this weekend. I realize it’s not baby clothes, but similar idea. Check it out…


  • Amy said:

    I don’t even have kids and I think this is awesome! Definitely a good incentive to get my sewing machine working again!

  • christine said:

    Does anyone have any idea how these wash? does the cellophane filling just dry out? can you put it in the dryer? baby toys=baby spitup in my experience! Very cute idea!

  • Young Wife said:

    What a great idea! How funny that it’s his favorite toy.

  • heather (author) said:

    @Christine, you can wash, but I would hang dry. And you’re right, this toy gets very drooly!

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  • Sandy said:

    We have bags of stained baby clothes, some only slightly stained. Is there anyone who can use them for anything? We will send them.

  • Julie said:

    AWESOME!!!!! I am SO going to do this one. I’m so excited about doing recyled crafts. This is so much fun!

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  • Tiffany said:

    You can also use pop tart wrappers to make toys crinkle, or any other mylar material.
    It holds up in the wash and I don’t know about drying but I was told it does.
    Plus it gives you an excuse to buy pop tarts.