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Make a Tipsy Planter

14 May 2010 17,204 views 6 Comments

by heather

Anyone out there getting excited about the outdoors? Gardens, your porch, planters with pretty flowers, flowering trees, warmer weather! Yay for all the fun stuff that starts to happen in the spring! I am hoping to transform my front porch into a nice outdoor "room" for dining al fresco and hanging out in the pleasant weather. I need some potted plants to add the pleasant porch atmosphere. Check it out: Sharon from Keen Inspirations made this adorable "tipsy planter" from dollar store pots, and she shared how to do it on her blog! [get the tutorial here]

If you hurry, you can still pick up plastic planters at the dollar store, but it seems like their garden stuff is selling out pretty quickly!

Project Estimate:

  • 1 large plastic planter, $1
  • 3 small plastic planters, 3 for $1
  • Scrap lumber, on hand
  • Dowel rod, $1
  • Spray paint, optional
  • Potting soil and flowers, on hand

Total: $3 (more if you need to buy spray paint, potting soil, and flowers, but I bet you're clever enough to do that frugally!)

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  • Lisa said:

    That’s neat. Thumbs up.

  • Becky said:

    Awesome project! It might look cool with some plants that would spill over the sides of the tipsy pots, too!

  • kellie said:

    awesome!! I just LOVE it!!!

  • pam said:

    I saw this on line a year or so ago too, but was concerned about the weight and expense. This is a great solution to both! Thanks so much for linking.

  • Sharon said:

    Heather, Thank you so much for the feature! These are so easy to make!! The stuff at Dollar Tree is disappearing FAST! These are also really nice with clay pots!
    Have a great weekend and Happy Gardening!!

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