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Organization Tip: How to Fold Plastic Grocery Bags

23 September 2010 281,180 views 10 Comments

by heather

What do you do with your plastic grocery bags? I leave mine stuffed inside another plastic bag and hanging on a doorknob in the pantry. Not the most attractive or convenient way to store them! Check this great tidy tip from A Lil Bird told me - you can fold your grocery bags neatly in tucked triangular formation (kind of like you fold the American flag for storage) and they stay compact and tidy. To find out how to fold them, check out the instructions here: [how to fold a plastic bag neatly]

Project Estimate:

  • A plastic grocery bag, on hand

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  • Amy said:


  • Lindsey said:

    Or, you could use cloth reusable bags and not worry about how to contain massive amounts of plastic bags.

  • Paulina said:

    Wow, this almost made me cry because my grandmother, who recently passed away, did this with all her grocery bags and I’ve done it ever since she taught me :)

  • SueAnn said:

    Thanks for sharing our link Heather!

  • Sophia said:

    Wow! This suits my personality so well it’s almost funny. :) Thanks for the tip!

  • Laree said:

    I’ve never tried that way – but I do roll my up into balls, and wrap the handles around the ball. Similar idea, but I end up with little balls that my kids like to throw at each other!

  • Deepa said:

    Very cool. I squeeze the air out of my plastic bags, roll them up and stash them in an empty Kleenex box. That way they’re tidy and easy to retrieve.

  • Wilma said:

    Works so well and so easy to do. Takes up so little room. Thank you

  • Taria Lorehand said:

    I do the same thing Laree does, little balls everywhere, my mom taught me and I swore I would never do it and now I find myself doing it out of habit.

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