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Make an oversize flower brooch

11 October 2010 15,146 views 7 Comments

by samantha

Oversize flower brooch

Make an oversize flower brooch from unlikely materials

Oversize flower brooches are popping up on runways and at retailers like EmersonMade. You can try out the trend inexpensively with this easy DIY. The project uses an unlikely jewelry making material - a sheet of The Original Shammy. The Shammy flower features a nice autumn color, is sturdy yet soft, won't fray and holds many times its own weight in water.

Project Materials:

  • 1 package of The Original Shammy ($1)
  • A jewelry pin back (5 cents)

Total: 55 cents per brooch

The Original Shammy

One Shammy will provide enough material for two brooches.

Cut two strips that are the length of the Shammy and about 2 to 2 1/2 inches wide.

Cut pointed edges

Cut a pointed tooth edge all along one edge of each strip.

Cut straight lines

Separate each "tooth" by cutting a straight line almost completely through the strip. Keep the points slightly tapered rather than sharply triangular.

Roll the flower

Roll up the strip, adhering with hot glue or fabric glue. When one strip ends, butt the next strip up against it and continue to roll.

Add a pin

Flatten the flower out. Cut a small circle from the Shammy. Cut two small holes to allow the pin back to come through. (Locate the pin above the center of the flower.) Glue the pin back to the circle then glue the circle to the back of the flower.

The finished flower

Put a book on the flower overnight to flatten it out more if needed.

For a variation on this flower, keep a flat edge for the petals rather than a tapered edge. This will create a flower that looks more like a mum rather than a dahlia.

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  • Michelle L. said:

    That is super pretty, I love the hugeness of it!

  • J. Hill said:

    So clever… just don’t get caught in the rain while you’re wearing it!

  • heather said:

    Cool technique! Great project, Samantha!

  • Michelle said:

    I cut mine the wrong way length wise! However I got 3 pretty big ones and a nice small one still so if you want more I suggest cutting with the fold lines instead of against like your supposed to!

    Super easy though and it looks really nice!

  • Andrea said:

    Pure genius! I love it!

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