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Mini Office Supply Bookcovers for Matchboxes

14 February 2011 79,891 views 54 Comments

by heather

mini book cover matchbox

I found a photo of some mini office supply matchboxes on kootoyoo, and I was enchanted by them. Maybe it's the dollhouse miniatures series that Rhonda has been working on, or maybe it's just because I love little things. I knew I wouldn't be able to find these products at a store near me, so made my own mini office supply matchboxes. I made four different covers: for rubber bands, thumb tacks, paper clips, and gummed reinforcements. I was inspired by a vintage Dennison Gummed Reinforcements box for the last one. Since I made the covers myself, I'm sharing them with you as a printable (or download it here, alternately) so you can whip these up in a few minutes.

mini book cover matchboxes

Making mini book covers is addictive! It would be fun to use images of vintage book covers and shrink them down to make a whole bunch of cute matchboxes. I bet this general idea would be a fun one for wedding favors or other types of party favors. Maybe skip the office supplies and stick something else inside the matchbox. (It probably isn't a good idea to put anything edible in a matchbox that has previously contained matches. If you want to make edible favors, make your own matchboxes.)

Project Materials:

  • Matchboxes, pack of 10 is $1
  • Glue stick, on hand
  • Scissors or craft knife and mat, on hand
  • Printable (download here)
  • Paper and color printer, on hand
  • Office supplies to fill the matchboxes with, on hand

Total: less than $1 for two sets

Printable:>>> DOWNLOAD HERE from Google Docs<<<, or BELOW from Scribd
Matchbox Book Covers Printable

To Make:

mini book cover matchbox step 1

1. Print out Matchbox Book Covers printable.

2. Cut book cover images out with a craft knife and cutting mat or scissors.

mini book cover matchbox

3. Fold to fit on matchbox. You might need to trim the "book page edge" sides to make them fit well onto the box.

Note: If you want to use these as matchboxes, cut off both book page edges so you leave one working strike strip on the matchbox.

4. Glue to matchbox, smoothing the back of the book cover on first. Then glue the top cover on with top book page edge overlapping over the other.

mini book cover matchboxes

5. Allow to dry, and then fill matchboxes with corresponding office supplies.

mini book cover matchboxes

Free printable - turn dollar store matchboxes into cute office supply organizers!

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  • heather (author) said:

    @Natalia, you can download them for free on Scribd, but they make you upload a document first to have access to free downloads. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we don’t have a better way right now.

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  • Rosie said:

    These are so sweet! Just adorable :) Thank you so much for sharing, what a perfect way to store paperclips and other small desk items, hugs x