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8 Easter Projects On the Cheap

3 April 2011 30,794 views 4 Comments

by rhonda

Take a look over your shoulder.  See that in the distance?  It's Easter, and it's sneaking up on you faster than you think!  Don't fret, though, because we've rounded up a collection of Easter crafts to get you on your way.  Whether you need decorations or you're searching for party ideas, these DIY projects can all be completed on a tiny budget.

I'm a wreath lover, and this Yarn Egg Wreath by The Sweet Survival completely affirms that love!  I like the interesting texture created by wrapping the eggs in different ways.  Plus I just like yarn-related projects, since I have a serious fiber addiction that has led to a massive stash of the stuff.

If you have a mantel display or other vignette that needs a little something to make it pop, check out these great Polka Dot Easter Egg Finials at Stay At  Home Artist.  She used an assortment of wooden bits to create the bases for them, but you could also use glass candlesticks from the dollar store.

Satisfy your crafty urges and your sweet tooth simultaneously with a Jellybean Topiary like this one from My Garden of Eden.  Jellybeans come in so many fun colors that you can adapt the topiaries to perfectly match any room.  Or, if you're like me and eat your favorite flavors first leaving the rest behind, you can use all of those icky leftover flavors to make them!

Some people love Peeps, while other folks would rather eat cardboard.  If you're in the former category, you'll enjoy creating and subsequently devouring these Bird Nest Snacks by Sun Scholars.  It's a highly kid-friendly project and would make an adorable classroom treat.

If you see Peeps and you think, "cute, but eeew," use them in a purely decorative way with a Peeps Easter Arrangement as did Haley of The Autocrat.  Even if you do like eating them, you can always reach in and grab a couple from the back side of the arrangement.   Shhh, your secret is safe with us!

What could be cuter than these Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Carrots by Lipstick and Laundry?  They're so  simple to make that even if  you feel your sewing  skills are sub-par you should still have no trouble with them, and you can whip  out four of them for just $2.

You know we're nuts about the retro look of starburst mirrors, so of course we couldn't resist showing you this Starburst Egg Mirror by JC's Loft.  It's got a great funky-meets-festive vibe to it, and it's so easy that you'll have it done and gracing your walls in no time.

If you're hosting Easter dinner, consider making some Easter Placecards like these simple and springy ones by That's My Letter.  And with Mother's Day coming up soon as well, these would make great placecards or table decorations for a Mother's Day brunch or luncheon.

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  • Rachel said:

    Thanks so much for sharing my bird nest snacks!! :)

  • Kacey said:

    Thanks for featuring my polka dot egg finials! Such a pleasant surprise. :)

  • Holly said:

    Oh i just love that mirror and those Easter place cards!

  • Abbi said:

    Thank you for featuring my jelly bean topiaries :)!!