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Demo: Wack-a-Pack Greeting

6 April 2011 10,326 views 6 Comments

by heather

whack a pack

I found some cool new things at my most recent trip to the dollar store. Have you seen these little "Wack-a-Pack" greetings? They're little self-inflating balloons. I had never seen them before, so I bought this package (four balloons for just a buck!) and I tried them out for the first time and videoed my experience. Want to see me get a little violent? Check out my video demo!

By the way, after I got done with the video, I shook the balloon and it fully inflated!

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  • Angelia said:

    I grabbed some of these for my kids valentines baskets and they loved them! They are 12 and 16 and still enjoyed the suprise!

  • Chi Anne said:

    We’ve been using these for a couple of years at Valentine’s Day. My kids are quite known for bringing them at their school! We love them. It’s exciting to see they have them for other events now as well.

  • kristin said:

    Love the demo video! Hilarious. Thanks for trying these out for me.

  • rachael said:

    oh… so funny!! I’m going to have to look for these~

  • Mei said:

    Thanks for sharing about these. I bought a package after watching your video. Such a fun gift. I’ll be purchasing more of these.

  • Alassandra said:

    OMG!! We got these for our valentine pary and everyone loved them. When we went home my sisters loved them and were throwing them around. FYI when you shake it after its inflated it will turn cold.