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Yarn Stashbusting: International Yarn Bombing Day

25 April 2011 2,269 views 5 Comments

by rhonda

Do you have a ton of yarn and no idea what to do with it?  Well, start knitting and crocheting now, because International Yarn Bombing Day is on its way on June 11, 2011!  It's the perfect opportunity to use up those random odds and ends of leftovers or other bits of yarn you've no project for in sight while at the same time making a piece of public art for everyone to enjoy!

What is yarn bombing?  Also called yarn graffiti, yarn bombing is "vandalizing" a public space by installing knitted or crocheted pieces.  It is often seen in the form of lamp post cozies or sweaters on statues.  Here are a few examples:

[Tree Trunk Cozy from Wikimedia Commons]

[Stop Sign Post Cozy by Streetcolor]

[Bike Rack Cozy by Micro-Fiber Militia]

And so I issue a challenge!  I dare all of you to dig into that stash and yarn bomb something on June 11, 2011.  Hang dozens of pom poms from a tree in your neighborhood playground, make hats for the parking meters downtown, wrap granny squares around the slats of the benches at the bus stop...  Whatever you think will make people in your town or city smile!

We want to see what you do to celebrate International Yarn Bombing Day, so we'll be opening a Flickr pool when the event gets here!  Meanwhile, here are a few helpful links on the subject for you to check out:

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  • streetcolor said:

    yarnbombing-Such a bold,playful,brazen way to make our public space domestic. When you yarnbomb measure carefully and knit so that the piece is stretched tight so it won’t fall down like annoying socks.You are now part of a world wide movement. We are all artists.

  • Michelle L. said:

    Wow!!! Go go go, let’s all yarn bomb! On my calendar.

  • Little Bird said:

    Tee I love yarn bombing. I haven’t done it in a while but an article did feature my work – a combination of stash yarn and dollar store scrap booking supplies that I sewed in to each piece.


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