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Heather on Martha Stewart Show!

10 October 2011 2,665 views 5 Comments

by heather

heather with Martha's emmy

Today was the big day! I was on the Martha Stewart Show! If you are on the west coast, you can catch the repeat of the show at 1pm on the Hallmark Channel. The episode was The Dollar Store Challenge for Halloween Costume week, and Martha's team of crafters all had $15 to spend at the dollar store for their Halloween costume projects. It was quite an honor to be in the audience of the best craft show ever and have them talk all about my favorite topic - dollar store crafting!

If you are visiting from The Martha Show, welcome, and thanks for joining us! I have collected a bunch of dollar store Halloween costume ideas just for you here:

dollar store costume ideas

Dollar Store Costume Ideas!

heather on get a little creative

If you are interested in seeing more TV from me, check out my show: Get a Little Creative! (This is me with my guest Tam from Sew Dang Cute!)

get a little creative logo

When I was in New York filming the Martha Show, I made a little backstage video:

This video is me backstage at The Martha Show!

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  • Heather's Mom said:

    Yay Heather!! So fun to watch you on Martha Stewart today!

  • Cherie G said:

    I got super excited, but its not on until 2pm on the west coast. Right now it is a wedding special episode. Looks like I will be watching in another hour! :) Thanks for letting us know! So cool!

  • Condo Blues said:

    Congrats on your appearance! You were great!

    PS: I use the Marths dish detergent. It’s wonderful!

  • Heidi Ferguson said:

    By the way I wanted to say a huge Congrats!! to being on the Martha Stewart show!! What a super exciting thing that must have been. You look beautiful and totally deserve it. You are one of my blogging idols!

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