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Make a Pregnant Skeleton Costume

5 October 2011 37,518 views 19 Comments

by rhonda

Are you sporting a baby bump this Halloween?  Ashley from Make It and Love It was preggers last year, so she made a costume that highlighted her bump.  Using a freezer paper stencil, she made a skeleton costume complete with a bony little fetus!  It makes for the cutest skeleton costume I've ever seen.  She also made a matching costume for her hubby, with a fast food meal in his tummy instead of a baby, which totally made me laugh!  [how to make a pregnant skeleton costume]

Project estimate:

  • Black sweatsuit, on hand or about $5 and up
  • Freezer paper, on hand
  • White paint, on hand

Total:  Free and up


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  • Shelli said:

    Sorry, that’s just creepy, NOt cute!

  • margo said:

    this is sick!!..

  • Rose Ribbon- handmade gifts and photography said:

    This is so sweet! What a fun and creative costume idea. It’s so hard to find maternity clothes let alone maternity costumes :)This will definitely help a lot of soon-to-be moms this year. Even the photo of the mom wearing the shirt would be a great gift to family members or for baby showers.

  • Teresa said:

    Ah, how sweet! As my 3 yr old grandangel says, skeletons arent scary, we all “got one inside our bodies”. From the mouths of babes! I love it…..sweetness of the most innocent kind!

  • Gen said:

    Hilarious! That’s brilliant.

  • Miller said:

    clearly the first two commenters don’t have a sense of humor. this is absolutely brilliant! i wish i’d had this idea last year! best pregnant costume i’ve ever seen. maybe for baby number 2!

  • Donna said:

    Looks like a pro-life protest. I’m also kind of creeped out that we’re looking at a baby skeleton. Dead babies are just a downer.

  • Erin said:

    This is so sweet!
    Everybody has a skeleton, it doesn’t mean you’re dead.
    And for all you haters, you must not be mothers.

  • Cooleton said:

    Adults have skeletons. Babies/fetuses have (developing) skeletons. This is brillant, not sick. And no more disturbing than Halloween is supposed to be. Kudos.

  • Valeria said:

    Hahaha! Brilliant! Would it make people less creeped out if she wore a large box to make it look like the screen of an X-ray machine? Same concept!

    I love the pink bow on the baby Skeleton!

  • Brianna said:

    Cute. Finally a Halloween-appropriate maternity costume. Though I live without seeing matching costumes.

  • Sara said:

    Sweet. I’m thinking when I was pregnant, my baby had bones! So, this is pretty true to the fact. Very sweet!

  • SHELLIE said:

    Where can I get the pattern to do this myself?

  • Alba said:

    It’s called an x-ray! People take a chill pill. This is cute and even if it were creepy, it’s Halloween very appropriate for the occasion.

  • Christine said:

    Omgoodness some people really think too much into things. I seen this and thought HOW CUTE! a human X-RAY =) and people go on about a DEAD BABY????? REALLY?!?!?!?!? Where was your mind to even think about that i highly doubt someone carrying a baby would want to portray their baby as DEAD! This costume is too adorable!

  • Tara said:

    This is hilarious! Wish I was pregnant so I could make it for myself this year.

  • Sam said:

    I never thought of it as a dead baby skeleton, more like an X-Ray/ultrasound type thing … some of you people are overreacting to this… Its a Halloween costume, jeez!! It’s hard to find a cute/warm maternity costume, so why not? I’m pregnant and I’m so doing this for Halloween :) and I’m making one for my husband but his is gonna have a beer mug instead :D

  • Parent Palace 50 DIY Halloween Costumes said:

    […] Pregnant Skeleton Costume […]

  • jennifer said:

    im not sure why people are saying this is creepy or talking about dead babies hello everyone this is what you baby looks like on a ultrasound alls you see is a skeleton this costume is not made to be a dead baby or anything is just meant to reflect the living baby inside a woman and when you see them in an ultrasound its a skeleton. And last time i checked when an adult gets an x-ray its a skeleton to so why people are jumping to dead babies and what not is just weird to me

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