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Question: Bus Driver Gift Ideas?

3 October 2011 7,559 views 11 Comments

by heather

school bus printable

It's time again to help us brainstorm ideas! Reader Becky at the Dollar Store Facebook page asks:

I need some creative ideas for school lunch appreciation and bus driver appreciation coming up this week! I have a cricut and limited cartridges.

I have never thought about giving a gift to a school bus driver, but it makes total sense! They have one of the hardest jobs in the school! I found the above school bus water bottle printable idea from Toad's Treasures.

What can you think of to give your school bus driver?

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  • hannah said:

    Some ideas: School bus cookies, gloves for the winter (I think bus drivers love gloves), handmade name tag (for the kids who sometimes forget the driver’s name)or assorted signs for the bus
    Lunchroom workers: goody bags/ swag bags filled with candies and trinkets.

  • Tristin @ Two Girls Being Crafty said:

    I might make magnets with school bus themed scrapbook papers–most buses have metal dashes and many drivers use magnets to keep lists/bus driver papers that I know nothing about/stuff handy.

    I actually made some magnets with dollar store materials (like so many others have–there are like a million versions).


    A nice insulated mug with homemade drink mix may be nice… ?

  • Janelle said:

    I used scraps of ribbon and did ribbon wrapped pens in our school theme and a bottlecap keychain for our bus driver. A year later on the first day of school I noticed the driver using the same pen to mark off her list! Since I already had the ribbon scraps and glue I bought some new basic ballpoint pens. I also had the things on hand to make the keychain. The entire thing cost less than $1!

  • Shelli said:

    Cash. Times are rough, money is greatly appreciated.

  • Emily aka Toad said:

    Thanks for the shout out! These are all great ideas!

  • smellanie said:

    @Shelli – School bus drivers are usually publicly funded employees. In most jurisdictions, public employees can get into a lot of trouble by accepting cash.

  • Jolene said:

    How ’bout a driver’s guardian angel visor clip for the bus driver.

    “Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.”

  • Caroline said:

    We usually collect a little cash from the other parents at our stop and get a gift card or two to a local restaraunt or coffee shop.

  • Tammy said:

    I have made with my embroidery machine a school bus key chain and last year I got the coffee mugs at the Dollar Tree and used my Silhoutte SD and cut out a school bus, put it on the mug and put a gift card into the cup for Dunkin Dounuts. I put on the bag “Best (school name)school bus driver. He was thrilled, but said everyone at the bus garage now wants one of these bags! lol

  • jamie said:

    Great ideas! Coffee is also a good ideas. I put together a little gift it was a coffee mug with a single serving packet of coffee, biscotti, a couple sugar packets and a couple little chocolates. I wrapped it up like a gift basket it looked relly nice.