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Giveaway: Mindy’s Minute Market

10 February 2012 1,889 views 127 Comments

by heather

I'm not gonna lie. I'm a bit of a craft hoarder. My craft stash rivals many well-appointed craft stores. So it goes without saying that I would be excited about Mindy's Minute Market, a deal of the day site devoted to great prices on craft finds. Mindy's Minute Market wanted you to be excited too, so they are giving away (edit: our winner has been selected - see below) a prize pack worth over $100 and filled with all kinds of delightful craft supplies!

mindys minute market

dsc sponsored post

I interviewed MMM to see why they wanted to give you some goodies:

How did Mindy's Minute Market happen?

Our online store started as a means of intervention. We love to craft...we hate to spend...so we would try to justify our purchases by buying BULK. Now we have too much NOT to share.

What makes Mindy's Minute Market more special than other daily deal shops?

We have a terrific site that offers a daily deal with an ongoing "store" that offers missed opportunities {who DOESN'T believe in second chances?}. We offer craft, decor, accessory and other fun purchases that we find at the cheapest possible price that yes, we've bought in bulk.

Mindy's Minute Market Other Items

Ooh, clever! You started a store to deal with your stashes... hmmm... sounds like a good solution for a stash the size of a small country. *cough cough*

Help us...or our husbands may leave us. ;)

So what are you giving away today?

mindy maes

We are giving away a sponsored crafter package- with a retail value of over $100. This may feature items like fabric, ribbon, wood items, burlap items {ribbon or bags}, upholstery tacks, baker's twine, etc. [photo here includes the prize package, but does not show the 1 pound of designer fabric scraps that will also be included!]

Congrats to our winner:

winner mindys

MindysMinuteMarket.com is giving one lucky Dollar Store Crafts reader a special prize pack worth over $100 and filled with various craft supply goodies.

To Enter:

1) Check MindysMinuteMarket.com and comment here to tell us what you think of today's deal or share your favorite item from the Other Items section.

Quick Rules: Residents of USA, 18 and older. Ends on Thursday 2/16/2012 at 11:59 PM. Winner will be announced here in this post on 2/17/2011.

Full sweepstakes rules here.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Mindy's Minute Market.

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  • Katie Barnes said:

    I love the cabochons! Great prices- could use many of the products shown for all my crafty ideas!

  • Lynda said:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE the “Chalkin’ it up to havin’ fun”…..cute ideas!!!

  • Kim Smith said:

    Thanks for the chance to win something fun!! I LOVE Ribbon <3 !!

  • Taa E. said:

    There are so many things I could do with the colored twine, not just tying packages up!

  • Robin said:

    Love the little burlap bags! Think I’m going to have to bookmark your site now! :-)

  • Lynette said:

    Great deal! Love the cabochons and the chalkboard paint set!

  • Cindi Loretz said:

    The baker twin, I even ordered some!

  • Mer said:

    Very cool stuff to get creative with and loose yourself for a while. A creative vacation! :D

  • Bethany Ishee said:

    Love the twin! Great idea.

  • Dina Levin said:

    Love the versatility of chain! It can be used for beading, necklaces, cut up for collages…oh the possibilities!!!

  • Heather Johnson said:

    I like the chain necklaces especially the clasp

  • Eva said:

    Love the cabachons! have been looking for some of those cuties :)

  • Megan said:

    I love the ‘moment of beauty’ watch so pretty and practicle!

  • Moriah G. said:

    I love the flower locket necklace! So cute. Sweet site, too!

  • Justine said:

    Tyin’ Up Loose Ends – Bakers twine in great colors for only $4.00! Purchased and saving this site for future buys. Thank you for sharing. :)

  • Tammy C said:

    Love today’s sparkle beads deal…and I would love to win this for me and my mom! Thank you!

  • Alexis said:

    Sparkle beads, fun!

  • Sarah S said:

    Love the flower-ettes – you could do so much with them.

  • Brady said:

    LOve the sparkly beads! I did NOT need to know about this site. I have SO much craft stuff. Not so much that I don’t want the prize pack though…. and not so much that I won’t stalk this site now….

  • Andrea said:

    I like the Chalkin’ It Up to Havin’ Fun package–I can think of so many things I’d like to paint with chalkboard paint.

  • Melinda said:

    I love it all! this is such a great site and what a great idea it is to do the I’ll take it things…so cool! I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope I win! I could use any of this stuff for my projects…I love finding new uses for unexpected objects…I love the Welcome sign and the burlap bags…I would love the chalkboard paint package myself! I have some great ideas for that paint! The candle holders would be a lot of fun to play with too….if you can’t tell I am not picky at all! Thanks for the chance to enter! Hope I win…Good Luck to everyone and Happy Crafting! Xxo

  • Leighann said:

    I love the cabochons! I’ve never found a good deal on them in our local craft stores.

  • Michelle said:

    LOVE this! What a fun site with tons of goodies that I’d love like the burlap bags and twine!

  • Marian said:

    I love the little owl pendant-my sister would flip out over it! I’m also digging the chalkboard paint idea (with the grout) for $2.50. I finally have a craft space and I think I want to add some chalkboard paint on one wall for decoration! Please add me to the contest!!!

  • Cindy said:

    What a great idea. I like the bathroom rules/get naked signs.

  • Noel said:

    Todays deal is the Roarin Wrap. While I am not a fan, there are some other great items and I love that you can buy smaller quantities (ie. the twine).

  • Annika said:

    I really like the cabochons. I have no idea what they are, but they look cool and they would be fun to use for embellishing decor around the house and especially for my little girl’s room.