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Question: How to Reuse Shaped Candy Boxes

8 February 2012 4,710 views 16 Comments

by heather

ferrero rocher heart box

The questions keep on rolling in! Put your thinking caps on - we have an "out of the box" question. Reader Linda V. asks: I would really like to see some projects created with the great containers from these chocolates! With Valentine's Day around the corner, the heart containers will be up for grabs! I also have Christmas trees, a star, a pyramid, a bunny, etc. these just have to be great for SOMETHING!

ferrero rocher tree

Does anyone have any good creative ideas for reusing these boxes?


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  • Amy G. said:

    Decoupage and turn into a gift!

  • Laura said:

    Jewerly storage

  • Heather C. said:

    Would it be possible to make the heart one into some sort of pendant lighting? Like in a little girl’s room or a nursery???….

  • Sara said:

    modpodge some tissur paper or decorative napkins on the outsides and use the bottoms of the containters for dips and veggie serving trays around the holidays. Maybe deviled eggs in the bunny? Or use them as creative packaging for gift giving. Baking cookeis for someone for Valentines day or Christmas? Put them in one of these containers and tie with a festive ribbon. Make them into a centerpiece with a big pillar candle in the middle, and potporri filling the dish, or multiple smaller votive candles. Fill with battery operated Christmas lights and use for mood lighting!

  • Uta said:

    The heart shaped container would be great for a child or a teenager to keep fashion earrings or rings.
    You could paint the clear lid with window colours or mod podge them, then insert some led lights.
    Fill them with some decorations like flowers or potpourri (punch some holes into the lid).
    Make an accordionstyle scrapbook in the shape of the container (e.g. photos of last years Easter egg hunt for the bunny).

  • teri said:

    Use them as big cookie cutters.
    Another idea, fill them with colored tinsel (green for the tree, red and/or pink for the heart) and use them as holiday decorations.

  • Rebecca said:

    The jewelry holders sound great, but I would think the chains and rings would get tangled if you just dropped them in there. My idea is to use the shaped bottom as dip containers for dinners or as desk organizers for loose paperclips and what-not.

  • Myrnie said:

    I’ve used the trays from the square Ferrerro Rocher candy boxes as paint pallets for my young kids- they don’t hold much, which is great for limiting the amount of paint out at a time. You could also use the trays as molds for melt-old-crayons-and-pour-new-crayons.

    We never get to repurpose old boxes like this, because my kids claim them as treasure boxes for rock, stick, sticker, etc. collections.

  • kath said:

    I’ve refilled them with a different type of candy and given them as gifts to my family and friends. My hubby likes Goobers and peanut M&Ms, so I replace the original candy with them. My daughter likes to make candy like peanut butter cups, so the containers are great for that also.

  • Hertzey said:

    Use marbles and paint on the inside to make a cool swirly pattern, then use for pretty storage or as wrapping for small presents.

  • JessA said:

    You could make a nice wall hanging by gluing felt circles on them, like this tutorial I found on Pinterest: http://mycreativedeparture.com/2011/01/19/heartfelt-tutorial/

  • Caroline said:

    I saw on Craft where they took a regular heart shaped cardboard box and made another insert for it with different sized compartments and then filled them with electronics parts for someone who likes to electronic work. You could so similar with scrapbooking supplies, beads, jewelry findings, etc.

  • Beth Miller said:

    Refill them with homemade chocolate dipped candies and truffles & give out as gifts.

  • Nicole said:

    Use the containers as ring holders. Fill the circles with sponges and make a slit in the centre to hold the ring in place. Also you could use felt by folding the felt like an accordion. Then glue the outer sides of the felt but leave the centre for the ring. Also with the shaped boxes, you could make a wreath for your door by removing the packaging and use whatever materials you have or want to create a shaped wreath ornament. With the Tree shaped box, you could even drill holes in the centre of each spot and stick Christmas lights in the holes, and there you have a lit tree ornament.

  • Mary Lou said:

    Heres an idea: paint the inside with stained glass paint (u could even use faux leading to make a stained glass picture on the inside bottom. Place the lid on, mark and drill a hole at the top through both lid and bottom, Add a hanging wire or string. Glue lid to bottom securely and hang as a sun catcher. Also if you lubed the inside u could use them as two part molds for plaster, etc. When dry, unmold paint for wall/door decor

  • partycraftsecrets said:

    Make Memory Jars!!

    The heart shaped one would be perfect to display elements from a Valentines or birthday party and the tree would be great to showcase Christmas events or any trip to the outdoors.

    Fill them with photos, ticket-stubs, leaves, sand, shells, ribbons you received off presents and so on.

    I made a jar out of leftovers from my daughter’s 4th birthday mermaid party, but the idea is transferable to just about anything!