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Shopping Haul: Michaels’ Street Smart Collection

29 February 2012 4,441 views 12 Comments

by heather

Not only do I love to shop at the dollar store, I also love to check the dollar sections at other stores like Michaels! Today I had to run to Michaels to pick up some supplies for a project, so I did a quick trip through the fun finds section (also known as the DOLLAR SECTION!!) and found some really cute things in their Street Smart collection - products with street sign typography on them! Check out what I found in the video below (if you are a YouTube user, please subscribe to my channel!). If you don't like videos, read on for the highlights of my shopping haul.

What I bought at Michaels:

michaels street sign stickers

Here are the Street Smart alphabet stickers - they are so cool! The stickers cost $1 and have every letter of the alphabet, plus three of each vowel. I picked up 5 of them, just so I would be sure to have all the letters I need!

What to do with them: You can use them to make a personalized sign for your bedroom (or your child's bedroom), or incorporate them into a duct tape purse. If you do that, be sure to cover them with clear contact paper or clear duct tape so they will stand up to the same use and abuse that duct tape does!

michaels street sign L

Also from the Street Smart collection, a metal sign with the letter L on it. I also got E and G - my three sons' initials. They didn't have an H for me, so I got...

michaels street sign H hook

An H hook! It cost $2 but it was so cool, and now I have a place where only I can hang my purse or coat!

Don't forget to rush out and get these items at Michaels if you are interested in them - any items with letters on them get shopped over really quickly, and when they're gone, they're gone.

Acrylic crystal

Not from the dollar section, but still fun: Acrylic crystal beads. I found them in the plastic bead/pony bead section in a large package for $5.99. What I like about them is that acrylic beads are pretty and shiny, but durable and lightweight. I plan to use them to make a (lightweight) necklace or incorporate them in a chandelier project I am doing.

michaels phone coupon

COUPON TIP: Oh, and I used my 40% coupon on them! Just a tip: if you forget your coupons (I ALWAYS do!), just load up Michaels.com on your smartphone & you can have the cashier scan the coupon from your phone.

michaels haul rainbow beads

Also in the acrylic bead family: a package of rainbow acrylic crystal beads. Actually, they're more like jewel tone, less like rainbow. I might use these instead on my chandelier (it's kind of colorful). Again, I like them because they are lightweight.

What fun things have you seen at Michaels' lately? Any other dollar scores to share?

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  • Gabrielle said:

    Hey! LOVE the Michael’s finds, and your blog in general. I’ve been following for a while via Google Reader. I recently picked up some of Michael’s metal letters and LOVE them. You can see how I used them on my art wall here: http://www.twoboysandacricut.blogspot.com/2012/02/finished-clipboard-wall.html
    Thanks for all of your great ideas!

  • heather (author) said:

    That is so cute, Gabrielle!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kerstie said:

    It’s so funny you posted about the Street Smart stickers. A few packs fell in to my cart yesterday!!! ;)
    Dollar sections are the best!

  • Carrie said:

    Bought those stickers too!! Love them :)

  • Jenny said:

    You can find some great stuff at the Michaels dollar spot. I love it! Sometimes I have to keep myself from buying too much.

  • Nancy C. said:

    I love Michael’s dollar bins as well. Thanks so much for the tip about using the phone for the coupons – I always forget them as well!

  • Deb Westbury said:

    I belong to a secret sister club and the isle came in handy as I saw the same type of items…my secret sister’s name begins with a L, did not find that in the letters, but was able to find it in Adhesive notes, a Ruled Journal, and in a List pad…so it makes a nice gift all the same…

  • Nicole said:

    Juat wanted to say i am a new reader and am really enjoying your blogs thank you for sharing your creativity!,

  • Dr. Rebekah said:

    YES…found glass jars in different sizes with the lids that lock down and have a seal…at least two different sizes for $1 each!!! I’m on the hunt for wedding reception decor stuff,but they could also be useful for bath salts/scrubs, etc.!!!

  • mikeasaurus said:

    Michael’s, here I come!

  • Serena said:

    My most recent dollar find at Michaels were buttons that came in a cute little canister/jar with a giant button lid. They came in several colors, and I bought one of each, for use in my cardmaking. Oh, and there were also these cute tiny, felt birds in different colors, which I also picked up.

  • Michelle L. said:

    The coupon tip: geeeenius! Who knew? Not me. Thanks, Heather, you have just saved me so much future money!