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5 Ways to Put PEEPS on a Stick!

12 April 2012 2,825 views 2 Comments

by melinda

Now that Easter is over, a lot of us are staring at multiple packages of PEEPs, wondering what we can do with them (other than eating them plain, that is). My all-time favorite is the PEEP S'more (or S'Meep as I like to call it). This year, a lot of people decided to put them on a stick in one fashion or another. Check out my top five picks for putting PEEPs on a stick!

PEEPs On A Stick

  1. PEEPS on a Stick by Your Homebased Mom
    A simple yet cute way to create a centerpiece out of PEEPs on sticks.

  2. PEEPs Pops by Love From The Oven
    If PEEPs weren't sweet enough for you, try them covered in chocolate and sprinkles!
  3. Hippity Hoppity Cupcakes by Yesterday on Tuesday
    PEEPs make adorable cupcake toppers when put on a stick.
  4. PEEPs on a Stick by Parenting.com
    Not only are these PEEPs covered in chocolate and put on a stick, they also have fun toppings like nuts and coconut!
  5. Easter flowers and pink Peeps by Flower Duet
    This flower arranging company sure knows how to make a bouquet look tasty!


Do you have any PEEP on a stick ideas? Please share them below! As always, check out my PEEPs Pinterest board for these and other fun PEEPs ideas!

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  • andi said:

    We like to put peeps on a stick so that we can roast them over a fire… peeps brule. Yum… the lighter, fluffier marshmallow in peeps gives them a wonderful texture and the sugar caramelizes for a rewarding crunch as you bite into them.

  • Lana said:

    thank you for a list of cute Peeps craft ideas. Here is my Easter Candy Bouquet – http://ediblecraftsonline.com/candy_bouquets/cb18/index.htm