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Tutorial: Washer Statement Necklace

27 July 2012 15,251 views 5 Comments

by sisters4

Ok people lets be super honest... this high impact statement necklace takes kind of a while to put together.  It's not difficult, but depending on the design you choose it can be tedious.   (I happen to love tedious.)

Project estimate:

  • Embroidery floss, on hand or $1
  • Washers, $1 and up
  • Super glue or fray check for the knots (optional), on hand
Total:  $1 and up

Lay out your design...

Knot 2 washers together at a time.

Then knot between the two washers so they don't slip together.

(I'd like to thank my husband for this flattering shot of my "serious" face.)

Once the body of the necklace is created make a loop for each side with stacks of the remaining thread and pull through the two ends of the necklace.

Tie in the back and you are done! Looks expensive... only YOU know it's cheap! So pop on a Twilight movie marathon and make a statement!


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