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Giveaway: Embroidery Floss from Sublime Stitching

25 October 2012 6,888 views 460 Comments

by heather

sublime stitching floss

Let me tell you a little story about Jenny Hart. She's the founder of Sublime Stitching, the company that brings you all the super hip embroidery patterns (such as this free moustache embroidery pattern), and she is kind of a hero of mine. Back in the early-mid 2000s, she started her company, and she would always share lots of helpful info with other girls online about running creative businesses. I always admired her for taking the time to help women who could benefit from her mentorship. Maybe that's why I started Crafterminds -- to help creative bloggers benefit from my experience as a professional blogger. Jenny's a generous and smart businesswoman, and I definitely look up to her.

So when she told me that she launched a new embroidery floss line, Sublime Floss, I was super excited. Embroidery is a very personal art to Jenny, who has exhibited her work in museums, and has published a line of books and kits. It is only fitting that her embroidery floss reflects her personality - check out the names of these packs of floss: Fruitsalad, Flowerbox, Breakdance (shown above -- check out the individual floss color names. My favorite: Poppin and Lockin.) Jenny also had to include little jokey comments on each package:

sublime floss

The "Boombox" skein says "You got some more batteries?"

sublime floss


So, this slow dance goes out to Jenny Hart. And in honor of her big achievement (launching this sweet line of floss), I want to give away the ENTIRE LINE to one of you!

Enter below, and in the meantime, visit Jenny:

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Disclosure: I received the floss as a gift, but no requirement to post or share it. Affiliate link for Amazon.

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  • Tessa said:

    I’d embroider gifts for xmas, and embellish pouches for my meds, stationary etc that i haul around campus. It’d be specially nice to do a botanical for my gardening mom, or use the metallics!

  • Angi Mullis said:

    What awesome colors! OHHHHHHHHH, the jewelry I could make!Pick me pretty please!

  • TAnk said:

    What would I embroider with Jenny Hart’s Sumblime Floss, you ask? EVERYTHING, of course. Okay, maybe not my cats. But everything else.

  • Jenna said:

    I would embroider a tablecloth for my dinning room table using as many sublime stitching patterns as possible.

  • YooperGal said:

    I would love to teach my niece to make macrame bracelets!

  • Amy said:

    Jenny Hart is a real life super hero. Can’t wait to try out her floss.

  • kerri ward said:

    I would stitch Jenny’s Epic Alphabet! I have the pattern and am hoping to get it started in time to be a Christmas present.

  • amber g said:

    Crafty christmas gifts!

  • Natasha j said:

    I would make wooden hoops to hang as gifts

  • shirley said:

    Oh yes, I have quite a few things in mind to do with this…EMBROIDER BABY!!