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Tutorial: 5 Minute DIY Floral Top with May Arts Ribbon

3 December 2012 10,210 views 73 Comments

by heather

5 minute DIY floral top

Need a pretty little thing to wear to your next holiday party? Look no further than this embellished satin tank top and romantic ribbon and pearl necklace. The tank top literally takes five minutes to make (not including warming up your glue gun!). Put on a blazer, and this top would look great at work, too! I used a dollar store pearl necklace and ribbon to make the simple-yet-pretty necklace. I think they're the perfect combination!

The secret of this quick and easy DIY floral top? Shabby Floral ribbon from May Arts.

I recently got a huge haul of beautiful ribbon from May Arts, and for the last several weeks, I've had a blast coming up with pretty ribbon craft projects. I asked on the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook page, and a lot of fans wanted to see the 5 Minute DIY Floral Top, so that's what I am bringing you today. Want to make your own top?

Find May Arts:

Tutorial: 5 Minute DIY Floral Top

5 minute diy floral top

Floral Top Project Materials:

  • Tank top, on hand or $1 and up
  • 1 yard or so of Shabby Flowers Ribbon by May Arts (about 15+ flowers), $4 a yard
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks OR fabric glue, on hand
  • Scissors

Total: $5 and up

may arts ribbon

About the Supplies: I found the tank top in a box ready to go to Goodwill -- it's a polyester satin camisole. You probably already have one in your closet, but if you don't, you should be able to pick one up at a thrift store or a women's clothing store. OR, use any t-shirt or tank top you already have on hand for a slightly less formal (but still very cute) look. Get the ribbon at a local fabric store, or on Etsy by the yard.


flower applique ribbon

1. The shabby flowers come by the yard on wired chiffon ribbon. Cut the flowers off of the wired section of the ribbon. You can leave the flowers attached to each other. Just cut around the flower, and leave some chiffon around them. It doesn't have to be cut perfectly, as the chiffon will just add a nice texture when it's attached to the tank top.

2. Lay the flowers out around the collar of the tank top as desired.

3. Glue flowers on with hot glue or fabric glue. (Choose fabric glue if you will be washing the shirt frequently. Since I was using a dry clean only shirt, I just went with hot glue).

5 minute diy floral ribbon applique

4. I piled some flowers on near the bottom of the v-neck in a haphazard way to keep it from looking too perfect.

How to Make the Ribbon & Pearl Necklace:

diy floral top and pearl necklace

Project Materials:

Total: $1 and up

white velvet metallic ribbon

Image from (and buy this ribbon) at ThePaperSandbox on Etsy

About the Supplies: I got this pearl necklace at the $1 booth at a jewelry and accessories show (like the kind that comes to your town's convention center once a year), but you probably already have an unloved necklace on hand, or find one at the thrift store or dollar store. I used some gorgeous white metallic velvet ribbon from May Arts (get it by the yard for about $1.25), but you can use any ribbon you already have on hand, including ribbon you find at the dollar store.

pearl ribbon necklace

1. Cut two pieces of ribbon about 18 inches each.

2. Hot glue the end of one ribbon to the end of one side of the necklace. Repeat for other ribbon on other side of necklace.

3. Cut a piece of ribbon about 3 inches long, and hot glue and wrap around the place where the ribbon is glued to the necklace. This will make a nice clean connection and cover up the end of the necklace.

4. Embellish necklace if desired: you can add bows, brooches, buttons, flowers, etc. to the connection between the ribbon and the necklace. I left this necklace plain to go with the floral top.

5. Tie ribbons to wear the necklace.

5 minute diy floral top and necklace

ENDED: May Arts Ribbon Giveaway

I had a TON of fun creating projects with my May Arts ribbon. This ribbon is high-quality, gorgeous ribbon that adds so much to dollar store creations. Check out a few of the other things we made with this ribbon:

floral ribbon cuff bracelet

Floral Ribbon Cuff Bracelet

ribbon christmas tree

Ribbon Christmas Tree

dollar store christmas mantle

Embellished Dollar Store Velvet Stockings

Just look at all the pretty colors and styles of ribbon available from May Arts:

May Arts Ribbon Rack

Since you can buy it by the yard, May Arts ribbon is an affordable way to add high quality to your dollar store crafts:

may arts ribbon

Want to get your hands on some May Arts Ribbon? Enter below to win 5 spools -- a $125 value!

It's easy to enter -- just log in with your Facebook account to use this widget. (Remember, if you win, you will be contacted with your Facebook email address):

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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