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Tutorial: Dinosaur Surprise Shirt

5 March 2013 5,008 views 4 Comments

by morena

TREX Shirt

March is here, so of course that means it's time to start plotting crafting for April Fool's Day. Actually, this shirt can be worn any day, but it would make for a fun gag on April first.

You probably already know that Dollar Tree has an impressive selection of good quality t-shirts. I see them used in tutorials all over the blogosphere. This idea is perfect for the budget crafter who doesn't want to invest in a lot of supplies. You can use your printer and one bottle of Ink Effects to make several t-shirts.

Project estimate:

  • Print outs, free
  • Ink Effects, $2
  • T shirt, $1
  • Basecoat Spray (only needed if your shirt is 100% cotton), $2

Total: $3 and up

Dino Tee Tutorial

To make your own dinosaur surprise shirt:

Step one: Print out the text, found here, and the dinosaur head, found here. (I cropped the image so I could just print the head.)

Step two: Paint the printed image with Ink Effects. Let it dry.

Step three: If your shirt is 100% cotton, you will need the basecoat spray to transfer the ink. Spray the desired area of the shirt and let it dry.

Step four: Place the painted paper image side down on the t-shirt. Cover it with a cloth and iron. The text goes on the front of the shirt, the dinosaur goes on the inside front, upside down.

TREX Shirt Front

My kids think this shirt is hilarious. My boys have both worn them to school (with a long sleeve shirt underneath) and came home with lots of funny stories. I might just have to make one for myself!

TREX Shirt Inside

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  • Laurie said:

    So, so cute! My kids are a little old for dinosaurs, but I might just ask if they would like one of these — they’re always up for a good joke on a T-shirt!

  • Kathryn said:

    What an adorable idea!

  • Amy said:

    This is hilariously awesome! My boys will love this as well. Great idea!

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