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Tutorial: Make Your Own Photo Puzzles

7 May 2013 2,453 views 2 Comments

by morena

DIY Photo Puzzle

When I saw these four packs of puzzles at Dollar Tree, I immediately thought of making my own photo puzzles.  My kids were so excited to see themselves on a puzzle!  This is a quick and easy project, and it would make a fun gift for mom on mother's day!  I know I enjoy having play time with my kids, and puzzle time is a favorite family activity.

Photo puzzle DIY

Project estimate:

  • Puzzle, $1 for four
  • Glue or decoupage medium, on hand
  • Photo, on hand

Total:  $1 


To make your own custom photo puzzle:


Step one:  Cut your photo to fit the puzzle.  Flip the photo over and trace one puzzle piece at a time.


Step two:  Cut the photo into pieces.


Step three:  Use glue or decoupage medium to attach the picture to the corresponding puzzle piece.  I brushed a light layer onto the puzzle piece and then firmly pressed the photo on.

Puzzle Photo DIY

Place the pieces pieces back into the tray they came in, and it's time to play!  As a fun alternative, you could put magnets on the back of each piece and stick them to your fridge.  Another idea is to use a greeting card image, put the pieces in an envelope, and make a unique puzzle birthday card or invitation.  Have fun crafting and creating!

DIY Puzzle

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  • Alvina Castro said:

    I would have never thought to do this. How adorable!

  • Make Custom Photo Puzzles | Dollar Store Mom Frugal Fun – Crafts for Kids said:

    […] When Morena at Dollar Store Crafts came across a set of small, simple puzzles, she had a great idea: she turned them into an adorable set of photo puzzles!  (Her kids were so excited to see themselves on puzzles!)  This idea has tons of potential – use them as personalized favors at a birthday party; make a set with the faces of relatives who live far away to remind your kids of their aunts, uncles, and grandparents; adorn them with photos of your pets or your kids’ favorite animals.  You can seriously put any image you want on them!  Oh, the endless possibilities…  [how to make custom photo puzzles] […]