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Tutorial: Party Cups with Animal Handles

2 July 2013 24,662 views 17 Comments

by morena

Animal Party Tumblers

I'm a big fan of silly, whimsical objects and gag gifts.  I thought it would be funny to have a cup with a handle that wasn't your ordinary, everyday cup handle.  What about an animal shaped handle?  Why not?

Cups with Animal Handles

These quirky, funny animal handle cups would be great for a party, or just for livening up an everyday meal.  They're really easy to make, too!

Dinosaur Party Cup

Project estimate:

  • Tumblers, 4 for $1
  • Plastic animals, on hand or $1
  • Super glue, on hand
  • Painter's tape, on hand
  • Spray paint, on hand or $1 and up

Total:  $1 and up


Step one:  Glue the animals onto the tumblers.  To keep the cups from tipping over, position the animal so that its tail touches the table surface.  To speed things up, I used super glue with a dot of hot glue on top.  This way the animal stays on the tumbler while the super glue dries.

step 1

Step two:  Cover the lip of the tumbler with painter's tape.  I didn't want anyone's mouth touching spray paint, so I left part of the cup uncovered.  I couldn't find my painter's tape, so I improvised, but you'll get cleaner lines if you use the correct product.

step 2

Step three:  Spray paint the cups and animals.  I used Krylon Fusion for Plastic.

Party Cups

Remove the tape, clean your cup, and set them on the table at meal time.  Watch the look of surprise on your guest's faces when they see these cups with animal handles.  You can't help but smile, can you?

Dog Tumbler DIY

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  • Laurie said:

    These. Are. AWESOME! So excited to try them — we have tons of kids in our neighborhood, and I’m always looking for things to keep them busy during the summer months. This is something they can do themselves (obviously with adult supervision) as a cool take-home project!!

  • Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said:

    oh my gosh!! I adore these!! They are so fun and really cute! And not just for parties. I think I need a coffee mug like this! lol Thanks for sharing!

  • morena (author) said:

    Thanks, Laurie! The kids would have fun making them! :)

    Beverly, I confess that I have two ceramic dogs that I plan to use to make myself a mug. Just need to find the right tumbler to glue them to!

  • Cody Doll said:

    I LOVE this idea and I am thinking about doing this!

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  • Michelle L said:

    Rad to the max! Love all the pics with the cool dudes.

  • Ashley said:

    LOVE THESE! One quick question though: how do you clean them?

  • morena (author) said:

    Ashley, they have to be hand washed. I used Krylon Fusion because it’s made for plastic, and it hasn’t flaked or scraped off. I don’t think these would work in heavy rotation, but they’re fun for parties or occasional use.

  • Ashley said:

    Thanks Morena. That’s what I figured…just wanted to double check that they were for multiple uses and could be cleaned.

  • Aaron said:

    Such a great idea! My boys would love dinosaur cups! Thanks for sharing!

  • Asif said:

    Thats very smart idea…

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