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Tutorial: Make Ribbon-Wrapped Pumpkin Decor with Dollar General

19 September 2013 4,932 views 3 Comments

by rhonda

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ribbon Wrapped Pumpkin Decor

I am kind of lazy when it comes to seasonal decorations; that's why I decorate for Christmas with silver and blue, so I can call them "winter decorations" and not feel bad about leaving them up until February. It's also why I like to use a lot of pumpkins in my Halloween decor. I can leave them out until my Christmas decorations go up after Thanksgiving and nobody thinks anything of it. This year I decided I needed some new pumpkins to add to my collection, so when I found a cute wire pumpkin at Dollar General that I really liked, I knew that I had to do something with it. I brought it home and gave it a ribbon-y makeover, and I went from liking it to loving it!

Project estimate:

  • Wire pumpkin wreath, $7
  • Ribbon, on hand or $1 and up
  • Hot glue, on hand

Total: $7 and up

fall decor shopping at Dollar General

When I checked out the fall decor at my local Dollar General I found lots of great candles, floral accents, and wreaths. I had quite a few crafty ideas while browsing the selection, and saw lots of inexpensive little tidbits that I think I may have to work into my decorating. There were a few things I really liked, but one thing in particular caught my attention: a wire pumpkin with a floral swag attached across the bottom.

Ribbon Wrapped Pumpkin Decor

I loved the wire pumpkin, but as-is it wasn't quite "me". So I decided to give it a fun little makeover!

Ribbon Wrapped Pumpkin Decor The first thing I did was remove the floral swag, which was actually two floral picks held on with twist ties. It only took a few seconds to disassemble, and I set aside the floral picks to use for other seasonal projects.

Ribbon Wrapped Pumpkin Decor

I decided that I wanted to wrap the sections of the pumpkin with ribbon. After choosing which sections I wanted to wrap, I used hot glue to attach one end of the ribbon to the wire pumpkin.

Ribbon Wrapped Pumpkin Decor

I wrapped the whole section with ribbon from top to bottom, using a dab of glue every once in a while to hold the ribbon firmly in place.

Ribbon Wrapped Pumpkin Decor

I repeated the same wrapping on the other side to keep it symmetrical.

Ribbon Wrapped Pumpkin Decor

Since I wanted to play with different textures I decided to wrap the center section of the pumpkin with smaller ribbon, this time working in a figure-8 configuration around the wire. Again, add a dab of glue every other round or so to keep it from sliding up or down the wire as you work.

Ribbon Wrapped Pumpkin Decor

To finish the pumpkin, I continued using the thinner ribbon, wrapping it all the way around to cover the rest of the bare wire. I even used a little bit of green ribbon to wrap the stem! I'm super happy with how it turned out. It is way more my style now!

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