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Tutorial: Steampunk Vial Earrings

29 October 2013 7,868 views 9 Comments

by morena

DIY Time in a Bottle Earrings

I don't know about you, but I never wear a watch anymore.  With all the portable electronic devices we have today, I never need to ask what time it is.  As a result, I have a collection of old, inexpensive watches that never get used.  I decided to take some of them apart to use the pieces to create something new.  I used empty vial charms to create steampunk-inspired "time in a bottle" earrings.

Make Time in A bottle Earrings
Project estimate:

  • Vial charms, $2.37 for pair
  • Watch, on hand or $1 and up
  • Dimensional Magic, on hand or about $3

Total: $2.37 and up

Step one:  Open the watch face and take it apart to remove the hands, gears, and other small pieces.

Step two:  Open the vial.  Apply Dimensional Magic to a watch part, and use tweezers to place the part in the vial glass.  The lighter pieces adhered quickly, while the larger ones needed some time to set.  Repeat as desired.

step 1

Step three:  Reassemble the vial.  Twist the end of the wire that comes with the vial to make a loop.  You can hang a charm from it, or use it to add a jump ring or attach it to a chain.   I added earring pieces to make a pair of earrings.

last step

It would be fun to paint the watch pieces before adding them to the vial, for a unique monochromatic look.  You could also add a charm to the end and turn the vials into steampunk-ish pendants.  Have fun crafting and creating!

Time in a Bottle Earring DIY

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  • Inga M. Cotton said:

    You had me at “steampunk”. These are beautiful!

  • Jan said:

    You can get the vials at a dollar store? Very cute.

  • morena (author) said:

    No, I got the vials from an online craft store called Consumer Crafts. You can also find them at hobby stores!

  • morena (author) said:

    Thank you, Inga!

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  • Deb said:

    Wonderful idea, thank you for the inspiration! Deb

  • Lass said:

    I have a question about using the dimensional magic. I am trying to suspect an object in it. It looks like that is what you have done with your earrings. Is that correct? My DM is freshly poured so it is cloudy of course. But when I put the item in it sinks to the bottom. How were you able to make it stay? A certain amount of time before you put it in? Something propped up?

    Thanks for posting this great idea. :)

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