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10 Storage Ideas for Your Fabric Stash

26 June 2014 12,604 views One Comment

by Becky Striepe

10 Storage Ideas for Your Fabric Stash

Do you have a bit of a fabric storage situation? Me too. My fabric is overflowing all of its precious shelf and closet space, and it needs some wrangling! Check out these tips for storing fabric on the cheap and keeping it organized!

1. File It - What! Turn an old filing cabinet into super organized fabric storage.

2. Over the Door - This is great for a small space. Twill tape and wooden dowels are all you need to create this custom fabric storage system.

3. Hang it Up - Got some spare closet space? Use multi-tiered pants hangers to store folded fabric for easy access.

4. Roll it Up - You can stash your fabric in a box or old suitcase with fewer wrinkles by rolling it up. Check out these cute printable labels to get things even more organized!

5. Make a Brochure - This is for the super type A crafters (like me!). Check out this awesome printable book that uses a coded system. It's an instant fabric library!

6. Sort Those Scraps - Fabric scraps can be especially tough to wrangle, but Lindsay at Craft Buds shows you how to sort them out and store them in a way that makes sense.

7. Fold it Properly - If you're going to be storing yardage for a long time, folding it the right way can extend your fabric's life.

8. Empty Tissue Box - Got fat quarters to store? Cut the top off of a tissue box, fold your fabric, and you're ready to store!

9. Curtain Rod - Want your fabric easily accessible? I'm loving this curtain rod method for storing fabric neatly out in the open.

10. Cassette Bin - Remember cassette tapes? Me either. But if you happen upon an old cassette tape holder at a yard sale or the thrift store, snatch it up to store those fabric scraps in style!

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  • Amelia Streatham said:

    I am storing mine fabric in old shoe boxes. I decorated them using the rest of the wallpapers for our bedroom and build shelves in the closed. I have different sizes and they are neatly arranged and organized. I like your idea to store them over the door. It is very comfortable for small places.