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10 Hacks for Crafty Photographers

14 August 2014 22,118 views No Comment

by Becky Striepe

10 Hacks for Crafty Photographers

Whether you're looking to improve your lighting situation or just need a camera strap that's a little big less boring, we've got some DIY tricks for photographers of any skill level.

One thing that camera equipment tends to have in common is a hefty price tag. If you're a photographer on a budget like I am, I'm betting that you spent all of your funny money on that new DSLR and don't have much left for a fancy case or accessories. Try some of these DIY solutions to save some money and up your game.

1. Padded Lens Case - If you have a fancy camera with more than one lens, this is a great DIY solution for protecting the lens that you're not using.

2. Camera Bag - Turn an old purse from your closet or the thrift store into a functional camera bag full of storage.

3. Felt Carrying Case - Protect your camera from dings and scratches with this bare-bones carrying case. The tute calls for wool, but you could use any yarn that you have in your stash.

4. Water Bottle Tripod - Turn a water bottle into a tripod! Just make sure that your bottle is full. An empty bottle will tip over for sure!

5. Bean Bag Tripod - If your camera is too heavy for the water bottle tripod, check out this bean bag tripod made from scrap fabric.

6. Cheap Light Box - If you're photographing small pieces, a light box is your friend! Check out the video above for how to build one on the cheap.

7. A Lighting Rig - Depending on what you're shooting, you may need to do some lighting, which is always tricky. Check out these DIY lighting solutions!

8. Turn it Into a Scanner - Turn your digital camera into a scanner or copier with this homemade cardboard doohickey.

9. Scarf Camera Strap - Sure, the strap that came with your camera is fine, but this DIY camera strap made from a scarf is gorgeous! This tutorial uses leather, but you can raid your stash for anything that's a nice, heavy weight.

10. Cheater's Bokeh Shapes - Black construction paper, scissors, tape, and a craft punch are all you need to create cool bokeh photos.

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