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Now you’re ready to add your applique to your shirt.  A word of caution…measure to double check you’ve got it centered.  There’s nothing worse than examining a finished project and realizing it’s crooked.

Once you’re sure it’s placed where you want it, iron it down well.  Once you think it’s stuck down well, iron it some more.  Then when you’re sure it’s ironed really well, iron it through the inside of the shirt.  You’d be surprised that there are still some places where it’s not stuck well.  (This is also why I always sew the edges instead of using the “no sew” stronger adhesives…I still don’t trust that they’re completely stuck on.)  Then stitch onto your shirt.

And you’re done…And your daughter can go play…

You want one of your own?  I’m giving away a duplicate applique on my blog, so come stop by!

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