Paper clips have to be one of the seven wonders of DIY world. MacGuyver never went anywhere without one! These fabulous chandeliers are made from paper clips – amazing, aren’t they? I found out about the paper clip chandelier thanks to a Craftster dollar store crafting swap I’m currently participating in. Craftster user skullseamstress created the lamp entirely from dollar store materials, using a tutorial she purchased from Re:Design Technologies on Etsy. Skullseamstress posted a nice flickr set of her paper clip chandelier including making it and packing it to ship to her swap partner. [click here for the paperclip chandelier gallery]

As for the tutorial for making this fabulous chandelier, check out the Re:Design Technologies Etsy shop. You can get all the instructions for four different chandelier designs for less than $15 (as of my typing this – but they’re having a sale a the moment), or choose one design for $6.50. You can also check out the Re:Design blog.

Here are skullmistress’s supplies for the chandelier.

Project Estimate:

  • 3 Picture hanging kits, $3
  • 6 boxes of paper clips, $6

Total: $9 (plus the cost of the instructions, if needed)