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[21 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on How to Make Handwriting More Fun for Kids | 754 views]
How to Make Handwriting More Fun for Kids

Good handwriting is one of those things that catches people’s attention. When I was a kid, I spent so much time practicing my handwriting – figuring out how I wanted to write my a’s (with or without that little swoopy thing on the top?) and how I wanted to dot my i’s (open circle, heart, or just a dot?), and I went through the entire …

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[20 Jul 2015 | One Comment | 631 views]
Tutorial: American Flag Bandana Wreath

It’s always a good time for showing off your patriotic pride! Whether you use it to display for patriotic holidays, you show it in support of a national sports team, or you just want to add a bit of red, white, and blue to your decor, this American flag inspired bandana wreath is a fabulous way to dress up any wall or door.

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[17 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 494 views]
Make Rainbow Sprinkle Shoes

Did you know that it’s National Ice Cream Month? In celebration of the occasion, Carrie at Dream Green DIY made shoes that honor her favorite ice cream topping: rainbow sprinkles! All you need is a pair of shoes, some paint, and a small dose of patience to make your own rainbow sprinkle kicks.

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[15 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Make Chalk Foam Board Dollhouse | 466 views]
Make Chalk Foam Board Dollhouse

Dollhouses are great fun, but a traditional dollhouse can be expensive and take up a lot of room.  Short of cash and storage space?  Make a collapsible dollhouse out of foam core board!  We’ve seen similar ideas before, but in this twist from Jessica at Mad In Crafts, you can write on the walls of this dollhouse with chalk!  That means you can redecorate as …

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[14 Jul 2015 | 2 Comments | 978 views]
Make DIY Layered Necklaces

Have you noticed the trend of layered necklaces? They are selling adorable layered necklace sets on websites like Modcloth and Anthropologie, but you don’t have to shell out for those when you can make layered necklaces yourself! Check out my tutorial over at Live.Craft.Love and make your own, from dozens of layered necklace kits. [how to make a layered necklace]
Each kit costs about $3.27 and …

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[13 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Tutorial: Seashell in a Bottle Necklace | 859 views]
Tutorial: Seashell in a Bottle Necklace

What better way to preserve the memory of your beach vacation this summer than bringing a little piece of the beach home with you?  The beach is a treasure trove of tiny shells, rocks, and bits of glass; gather up some of these itty bitty pretties and use them to make your very own beach-in-a-bottle necklace.  (Not headed to the beach any time soon?  You …

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[11 Jul 2015 | 2 Comments | 762 views]
10 Free Summer Clothing Patterns for Kids

Well summer is certainly in full swing, isn’t it? It’s been a scorcher here in Atlanta, and I’m grateful for summery hand-me-downs, so my kid can be weather-appropriate without breaking our budget. If you can’t get free clothes, though, you can save a lot of money by making some of your kid’s summer wardrobe yourself, right? Here are some free summer clothing patterns for kids to help you save some cash this summer. Some of these patterns are gender-specific, but even a bunch of those would really work for boys or girls. A tank top is a tank top, in my estimation!