DIY Paper Flower Pins

When I saw these pretty push pins at Ballard Designs, I immediately thought, “I can make those!” So I did. I used pages from an old thesaurus, mod podge, and thumb tacks from Dollar Tree to make them.

Make Paper Flower Pin

Project estimate:

  • Book pages, on hand
  • Mod Podge, on hand
  • Thumb Tacks or Push pins, on hand or $1
  • Rhinestones, on hand or $1

Total: Free and up

Pushpin Flower Part 1
To make your own paper flower push pins:

Step one: Cut one inch squares from a book page. I used an old thesaurus and a paper punch.

Step two: Fold the square in half two times, as pictured.

Step three: Hold the folded corner and trim the edges as pictured. I show you how to make two kinds of flowers.

pushpin flower part 2

Step four: Paint the front and the back of the flowers with Mod Podge. I used the antique formula. The MP will make the flowers waxy and more durable.

Step five: When the flowers are dry, glue the centers together to stack them, curl the edges slightly, and glue onto the thumb tack.

Flower Push Pin Tuttorial

Finish your pin with a pretty rhinestone glued in the center.

My push pins add some vintage charm to my handmade bulletin board. If you don’t like text, you could make them with other patterns, or even burlap, like I did here. It would be cute to put all of them on a styrofoam ball to give as a gift, too!

flower push pins