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Sew a Dollar Store Guinea Pig Bed

9 November 2008 12,980 views 5 Comments

by heather

This is a guinea pig cuddle cup - isn't that a cute name? Maybe if we enlarge the pattern, we can make a human-sized cuddle cup. I am pretty sure we could all use such a cozy-sounding bed. Creator bindingtwine made this out of dollar store towels. You could also enlarge the pattern just a little to make a great bed for a kitty or dog.

Project Estimate:

  • 2 Towels, $2
  • Batting, $1 (or recycle from old blanket)

Project Total: $3

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  • Dog Pet Bed Sewing Pattern said:

    […] Sew a Dollar Store Guinea Pig Bed […]

  • Sewer-Sewist said:

    Oh! This is so wonderful! We had guinea pigs for a long time and loved them so much (their names were Seamus and Izzy, and after Seamus passed away, we couldn’t figure out why we had so much extra money–it was because we weren’t forking out big bucks for his vet bills for his chronic medical issues anymore).

  • CavyKing said:

    Are these for sale? Or could you tell me where to find directions on how to make this myself?

  • Holly thomas and daisy the guineapig said:

    This is a beautiful idea but you could you draw out a cut out outline so that i can make it myself, then you will get mor viewers on the website.

  • karla said:

    i know how you could do that with 2 face towels!