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Recycle a Plastic Bottle into a Vase

19 March 2009 84,710 views 18 Comments

by heather

plastic bottle vase

With some clever cutting and folding, a clear plastic soda bottle headed for the recycling bin can be given new life as a pretty vase. Although this blog is dedicated to making stuff with supplies you can buy at the Dollar Store, my readers have shown that they also appreciate projects that use recycled materials in clever ways, too. Since other soda bottle recycling projects have been very well received, I thought you would like this one, too! [click here for full project]

Of course, you CAN buy a soda at the dollar store if you don't have one of these bottles on hand! These would be pretty decorations for a baby or wedding shower, for a girls' birthday party, or for a Mother's Day gift (with a small bouquet of flowers, of course!).

folding the fluting on the vase

Project Estimate:

  • Clear plastic soda bottle (20 oz), on hand or $1
  • Scissors

Total cost: FREE

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  • Angelle said:

    Oh man! This tutorial is scheduled to post in my blog in a few days and you beat me to it! Ha ha!

  • Katie said:

    OMG this is brilliant!

  • heather (author) said:

    Don’t feel bad! That totally happens to me all the time, too!! :)

  • Sister Diane said:

    HOLY MOLY! This thing is absolutely beautiful. I would never know it was a plastic soda bottle.

  • Betty said:

    I tried this. Using the smallest plastic bottle was easiest. Using a liter bottle was a disaster. It is a challenge to do.

  • wait a minute said:

    omg that is totally awesome were did u get the idea also thanks 4 the ideas,all of them they help especially bcause my allowance has been cut

  • Kulsum said:

    omG< its so beautiful.. i could hardy recognize its soda bottle..!
    Awesome idea..!
    Thanks..! x

  • hugx said:

    wow! nice one.. im going to make this one.. :)

  • Rachel Ramey said:

    This would also be a great, inexpensive way to present a vase of cut flowers from one’s garden.

  • amanda primm said:

    incredible i was looking for a recycling project for fccla and this is perfect lol thank you so much:)

  • Ronney K. said:

    omg! so i am having my vow renewal in a park. they do not allow glass containers, i will try this will 2 and 3 liter bottles for my candy buffet. I am really looking forward to trying this project.
    Thank you so much!

  • Jam said:

    I used this same idea with the top of wind chime

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