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Make Reusable Swiffer Covers

16 April 2009 595,287 views 55 Comments

by heather

In the spirit of spring cleaning, I offer Merwing-Little Dear's super-easy tutorial for making your own Swiffer duster covers! When you're done using them, toss 'em into the laundry! Now you have no excuse for not mopping and dusting! Evil, I know!

You can make them out of fleece blankets from the dollar store, or better yet, microfiber dusting cloths (yes, they sell those at the DS too!). There aren't any instructions for making the Swiffer mop cover, but it looks pretty simple, doesn't it?

Project Estimate:

  • Microfiber towel or fleece blanket, $1

Total cost: $1

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  • Teresa G said:

    I’ve made my own Swiffer floor cleaners out of microfiber cloths from the Dollar Tree for a while. However, you DON’T HAVE TO SEW THEM!!! You can just push them into the Swiffer holders like regular Swiffer cloths! It’s so simple!!!!!

  • DebnOhio53 said:

    Made several of the dusters and I love the idea, but I have trouble with them staying on the handle! Not sure what I did wrong!?! The floor one I just cut a bigger square of fleece and wrapped it up the sides and around to the top, then tuck it into the notches on the top! Much easier than what is shown and no sewing!

  • JuneBaltimore said:

    I use my used dryer sheets on the swifter mop I just tuck them in as the swifter sheets they work great! I will also try this patter because I love sewing.

  • Amanda said:

    Another great reusable swiffer mop is microfiber inserts for cloth diapers! I do not like them in diapers but they clean floors fantastically and I just wash them with the towels!!

  • Sabrina said:

    How about using old kids fleece pants – free