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Make a Cheap Mosaic Wall Installation

26 April 2009 31,075 views 11 Comments

by heather

Alexa at The Swell Life created this amazing mosaic wall installation for less than $20 using scrapbooking paper, glue dots, and a tape measure. Huge impact for such a low price tag! [project here]

This is a good idea for apartment living or dorm rooms (if you can get away with it--depends on your rules), or would be great for a tween or teen room, or any room, really, that you want a cheap and easy but high-impact decorating feature.

You can find scrapbooking paper at the dollar store, although you might not find the colors and/or shape that you want, so you will probably be better off buying at a craft store. Make sure you choose the right glue dots for your walls. According to a commenter on Alexa's post, there is a removable adhesive dot you can buy, or you can also try rubber cement as a removable adhesive option (warning: careful with glossy paint finishes).

Songbirdtiff also had a similar wall-hanging project that she did for less than $4, using squares mounted on foam core. She also suggests cheaper ways to do it (using recycled cardboard!) [check it here]

Project #1 Estimate:

  • Multicolored scrapbook square page packs, up to $10 (about 20 cents per sheet)
  • Adhesive glue dots, 250 per box, $3.09
  • Tape measure, on hand

Total cost: About $20 (Alexa's estimate)


Project #2 Estimate:

  • Foam core, $2.49
  • Scrapbook paper, $1.50
  • Mod Podge, on hand

Total cost: $3.99

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  • Elizabeth said:

    This is a super cute I idea. Love the endless possibilities! Thanks for stopping by Things Bright. I read both your blogs regularly. Great stuff!

  • Michelle@Alittletipsy said:

    I had the same idea with the foam core and scrapbook paper. I had seen it done with canvas, but needed a more economical option. See mine at http://alittletipsy.com/2009/02/diy-wall-art.html.

  • The Chuck said:

    Neat, but…fire-hazard?

  • Adjins said:

    To: The Chuck.

    For dorm rooms, it’s usually illegal for you to have candles or anything with open flame. (Even though we break it all the time…) I’m sure if you’re doing it for your apartment, you’d be more concerned about the fire hazard.. I guess… just don’t put candles or uber hot stuff near it. Seems to make sense…

  • Za said:

    Everything is a fire hazard. Paper on a wall is no more dangerous than sheets or carpet or a table.

  • Easy Crafts said:

    This is such a great idea! I just came across your blog and I am loving your cheap ideas. I have such boring white walls in my apartment, I think I may have to try this out!

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  • Jessica H. said:

    I linked back to this idea from my blog! Thanks!


  • Annie said:

    I just wanted to add you could get discountinued wallpaper sample books from most stores. Just call ahead of time, and they can show you where they keep their ‘old’ stash. You could cut these to size.

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