Alexa at The Swell Life created this amazing mosaic wall installation for less than $20 using scrapbooking paper, glue dots, and a tape measure. Huge impact for such a low price tag! [project here]

This is a good idea for apartment living or dorm rooms (if you can get away with it–depends on your rules), or would be great for a tween or teen room, or any room, really, that you want a cheap and easy but high-impact decorating feature.

You can find scrapbooking paper at the dollar store, although you might not find the colors and/or shape that you want, so you will probably be better off buying at a craft store. Make sure you choose the right glue dots for your walls. According to a commenter on Alexa’s post, there is a removable adhesive dot you can buy, or you can also try rubber cement as a removable adhesive option (warning: careful with glossy paint finishes).

Songbirdtiff also had a similar wall-hanging project that she did for less than $4, using squares mounted on foam core. She also suggests cheaper ways to do it (using recycled cardboard!) [check it here]

Project #1 Estimate:

  • Multicolored scrapbook square page packs, up to $10 (about 20 cents per sheet)
  • Adhesive glue dots, 250 per box, $3.09
  • Tape measure, on hand

Total cost: About $20 (Alexa’s estimate)

Project #2 Estimate:

  • Foam core, $2.49
  • Scrapbook paper, $1.50
  • Mod Podge, on hand

Total cost: $3.99