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Make a Recycled Soda Bottle iPod Holder

4 April 2009 46,410 views 13 Comments

by heather

Dollar Store Crafts reader Michelle was inspired by the Recycled Soda Bottle Coin Purse project to make her own. Then she took it one step further to make an entire soda bottle into a nifty holder for her iPod! Of course, you could use the bottle to hold many things. How handy would a holder like this be to toss into your diaper bag (straight into a bottle pocket!) or oversized purse? This would be a fantastic Earth Day craft for your scout troop, classroom, or other group.

Michelle's tips for making this project:

My only advice is when cutting the bottle, to make sure to leave enough "flat lip" to sew into easily. Also, I found that using a tiny craft punch on the plastic first, made it a whiz to sew together...like those sewing cards we learned on with shoelaces as kids. LOL.

And here's the photo of Michelle's super-adorable coin purse!

iPod Holder Project Estimate:

  • Recycled soda bottle, on hand
  • Zipper, $1 or on hand
  • Craft punch, on hand
  • Needle & thread, on hand

Total cost: FREE to $1

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  • ej hall said:

    Great idea! You can go to yard sales and thrift stores for cheap zippers. You have to do a litle work to rip them out of the clothing. It’s well worth it.

  • Dindie said:

    If I don’t have those craft puncher, could I use nail or thumb tacks instead? I haven’t tried it at home. Thank you…

  • Michelle said:

    Sure you could…just takes a little longer with a thumb tack. :-)

  • Kulsum said:

    omG.. its awesome..! i love it..! :D :D Thanks..! x

  • M.K. Alice said:

    1 I doubt the iPod touch would fit in that.
    2 EWWW!!!

  • Stacy H said:

    Thanks for the idea! This was a great project my daughter did for school! She had to “recycle” something from home that would normally be thrown away. This was a great project that she can actually use after turning in for a grade! Thanks for sharing!

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  • carolym said:

    que gran idea, esto sirve para enseñarle a los alumnos a reciclar.

  • s.widiawati said:

    Wonderful!That’s so inspirate me to do something useful for around me.

  • Gabi said:

    You need to be getting paid a lot of money for this idea… I’m talkng craft fairs, Etsy, you name it! Haha, this is amazing! :D I love it. Very creative and a great way to give back to the environment. <3

  • Annette said:

    Love this! I have a huge stash of zippers from my mom. Can’t wait to try this! Thanks for the ideas!

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  • kayla said:

    wow this is so cool im using for school project thx im soo getting an a