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Make Faux Enamel Flower Pins

11 April 2010 45,056 views 11 Comments

by heather

You'll never guess what these vintage-looking flower pins are made of! Christine made them at her blog Jane Avion, and although you would swear they are made of metal and enamel, they are made from stuff you already have at your home. Intrigued? What do you think it could be? Well, before I tell you let's just discuss how you could use these pretty pins. You could put them on your lapel, or pin one to a headband. I think they'd make fantastic Mother's Day gifts. Speaking of Mother's Day, are you going to take your mom out for a Mother's Day pedicure? Speaking of pedicures, have you guessed how to make these flowers yet? [click here for how to make these Faux Enamel Flower Pins]

Project Estimate:

  • Pine cones, on hand
  • Nail polish, on hand or $1
  • Wood glue, on hand
  • Glue gun, on hand
  • Safety pins, on hand or $1

Total: FREE and up

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  • Care said:

    WOW! These are really amazing! I’ve always loved those little enamel pins… Now I must go see if I have any nail polish in the house!

  • xine said:

    Thanks for posting Heather!

  • pam said:

    You had me fooled! Wow! Pine cones and nail polish? I would have never guessed. Maybe my sweetie wouldn’t mind my pine cone collection so much if it looked like this!

  • JHill said:

    My head must be in a bad place this morning, because when you wrote “speaking of pedicures,” I had a sickening flash that the pins were made out of toenails. I think I need more coffee.

    The PINECONE pins are adorable though, and not at all sickening. :D

  • Onjewels said:

    Awesome. I love a novel idea and I really like the look of these cute little pins. I can imagine wearing one on a cardigan. I will share the post on CraftGossip, as I know our readers would love it. – Thanks for sharing!

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  • Michelle jadaa said:

    oooh,im thinking hair pins!!!

  • Dianne said:

    Hi..just “found” your website and LOVE it! However, I couldn’t read the pine cone enamel pin directions..it was small and fuzzy..is there another way I could receive them..Thanks…Dianne Puckette

  • rhonda said:

    @Dianne – the instructions are actually on another blogger’s website, we just featured and linked to it. If you click on the thumbnail (small image) of the directions on her site, it will open up a file that shows it larger. Most browsers will reduce the size of this image to fit in the screen, so to make it bigger click on it again to see it full-size. You should be able to read it better then!

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  • Terah Webster said:

    I love the flower pins made out of pinecones! Who would have ever guessed! HOWEVER, I went to the link and I’m really having trouble reading the “FINE” print instructions. Did not see where a comment could be left on her page or I would have ask her to please type them up. Is there anyway this can be done and added to your supply list for making the pinecone pins? Thanks so much in advance! I noticed someone else is having problems reading the fine print as well.