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A Twist on Tiered Trays: Color Pop!

27 June 2010 156,019 views 16 Comments

by heather

colorful trays

Tiered trays are a top 10 dollar store craft. What does that mean? That you love to make tiered trays, and I've seen a LOT of tiered tray projects, and have even featured a couple of them. That said, you have to make an awfully special tiered tray to capture my attention, which is precisely what Julie at Joy's Hope did in her Dollar Store Craft entry at the CSI project. How did she twist this popular project? By choosing a fabulous color palette and painting her trays and pedestals with bright colors that really pop! Also, the fact that she made several tiered trays adds to their impact. [how to make brightly colored tiered trays]

Not only are Julie's trays colorful, but you will crack up at her colorful tutorial. Hi-larious. And I quote: "The Valspar is my new boyfriend." Oh, also, Julie reminds us that the trays are not food safe or dishwasher safe, so be sure to use cupcake liners, doilies, or scrapbook papers underneath anything edible you place on the tray.

Use these for parties, organization, weddings, showers, or whatever else you can think of!

Project Estimate:

  • Three silver-esque trays, $2
  • Two crystal-esque candlestick holders, $2
  • Glue (Julie used Super Glue Fix-All, and I would use e6000), on hand or $1
  • Spray paint, $1 and up per color ($3 or so if you want fashion colors)

Total: $5 and up

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  • jamie grimes said:

    I made this tiered tray with the candlesticks and glass plates.I used food safe glue it was about 4 dollers.Now I have trays that are dishwasher safe and will last.Thanks for the idea!!!

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  • Jessica Montoya said:

    I love this but is it safe to place food on it since its painted with spray paint?

  • heather (author) said:

    @Jessica, no you want to protect any food you serve with either cocktail napkins or cupcake liners.

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  • Pat said:

    Could this possibly work with colorful, patterned, plastic ware as long as whatever is on it isn’t too heavy? Wouldn’t have to worry about putting food directly on the plate.

  • heather (author) said:

    @Pat, sure, why not?

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  • kelly said:

    Hello, my candle sticks once painted cracked the paint and started peeling any idea why or a solution?

  • darcy said:

    Hi, I actually did this (well tried doing it) for my granddaughter’s, Alice in wonderland/ mad hatter birthday party and I had the same problem as Kelly, the paint on the candle sticks and tray’s cracked and peeled… So i went back to where I got the spray paint and asked why was this happening and from what I got out of the guy was, spray paint does not usually stick to glass, cause there is nothing for it to grasp on to but you could try and use a primer and see if that helps… I had not only painted the candle holders and trays but also a ton of tea cups and saucers for decorations… I ended up not using the trays and candle sticks i just didn’t like the way they looked!!! It’s a great idea though…

  • Kim said:

    Could I use acrylic paint for this project?

  • Becca said:

    Have you guys tried spray paint for plastic? It sticks to every surface I’ve tried so far!

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