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Question: Cool November Decoration Ideas?

1 November 2010 6,206 views 5 Comments

by heather

October is over! I can't believe it. It seems like I worked on Halloween costumes for half the summer and all of fall, and I still wasn't ready for Halloween to actually arrive! Now it's time to start thinking November, Thanksgiving, and deep fall. So far for me, November brings out the reader questions! I received three questions via the Dollar Store Crafts Facebook page today! I know how much my readers like to brainstorm, so let's help the world out by coming up with some fantastic ideas for November decor!

Amy Goldfine:
So I'm stretching my Halloween decorations through tomorrow on the premise that it's Dia de los Muertos, but really I just don't want to take it down! I'm not a huge fan of "harvest" decorations, they always seem so Martha-ish. Any ideas/inspiration for cool/funky November decorations?

A few quick ideas:

November is a great time to bring in muted colors and natural materials. Think moss, branches, leaves, rocks, burlap, linen, etc. Don't forget a rich jewel tone here or there for an interesting accent.

Although it's not specifically a natural material, I'm still loving the book page look, used in all different ways, like in the famous Ruffly Book Page Wreath by Living With Lindsay. You can apply book pages to just about anything for a classy, festive (yet holiday neutral) look.

You can transition your Halloween decor into neutral decor with the help of book pages, too, like Amanda at A Lovely Place to Land has done:

Okay, hers didn't start out as Halloween decor, but the look is definitely there if you look for it! So keep your black crows and your apothecary jars out, and add some book page accents. [Find out more at A Lovely Place to Land]

Speaking of wreaths, here's a corn husk wreath that is simple and not too overdone, by Lara at How Does She? You can pick dried corn husks in the Latino cooking section of your grocery store. [how to make a corn husk wreath]

I love these Philippe Starck Mademoiselle Chairs with Missoni fabric. At $950 each, you probably aren't going to pick one up just for your November decor, but I think the Missoni fabric is really inspirational! I found some much less expensive (but still really cool!) Amy Butler fabric at Fabric.com:

Amy Butler Lotus Lacework Olive
-- it's currently $8.98 a yard, but you could easily recover a thrifted chair with this fabric, which would be a nice touch of pattern for November.

Those are just a few quick ideas from me for now. What does everyone else say? Any good ideas for cool November decorations?

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  • Condo Blues said:

    I always feel bad for November because it’s decor isn’t as fun as Halloween or December holidays. I have a scarecrow surrounded by pumpkins on my porch that stay after I take down the Halloween stuff.

    I also have a birch basket of orange and yellow flowers I put on my door for November. Although my telephone book wreath with orange toilet paper roll flowers will work too.

  • Sophia said:

    I love November and harvest! We don’t celebrate Halloween, so I’m happy to finally be in the “thankful” season, which seems to get shorter every year as retailers rush from Halloween into Christmas.

    Anyway, I like to keep things simple and focus on thankfulness. Whatever that means to you – plenty of food, freedom of religion, whatever. Think about it and decorate in a way that brings that out in your home. It doesn’t have to be overdone, unless you like it that way. :)

  • SueAnn said:

    I don’t know if this is the kind of decor you are looking for, but it is a fun project for kids!


  • Karination said:

    In support of prostate cancer reserach, I suggest a Movember theme. They’ve got a clalssy gentlemanly theme happening over at their website (movember.com) that would translate well to home decor. Plus, moustache silhouettes are always fun to have around.

  • Amy G. said:

    For the record, it’s almost exactly a year later and I’m again looking for fall crafts! And our Jack-o-lanterns are still out because, well, we just carved them on Monday and want to get some enjoyment out of them!