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Make an Easter Egg Ring

16 March 2011 9,809 views 23 Comments

by heather

easter egg ring

I'm a big fan of jewelry that holds other things (like lockets or locket rings), so I was entertained by the idea of creating an Easter egg ring that opens to reveal a surprise. Of course, a big Easter egg ring like this is completely impractical, but it's a fun bauble for kids to make and wear around for a day. I found the ring blanks at the dollar store... can you figure out what they started as?

easter egg ring craft supplies

Project Estimate:

  • Plastic eggs, $1 for 8
  • Ring pops, a package for $1
  • Hot glue, optional
  • One or more of the following: a drill or Dremel, screwdriver, screw, box cutter, match

Total: $2 for several

These ring blanks started out as ring pops! I can't remember how many pops were in a package, but I got at least 4  for $1. I let my kids eat these ring pops, and when they were done, I was like, hmmm... I can dollar store craft those!

easter egg ring craft

Making the hole in the egg is the biggest challenge. The stems on the ring pop blanks are kind of thick (about 1/4"), so you have to poke a generous hole. I had various degrees of success with different tools. I didn't actually try a drill or a Dremel because I was trying to keep the process simple and attainable for crafters of all levels!

That being said, adults should be the one poking the holes in the eggs. None of the methods are good for kids!

Poking a Hole in a Plastic Egg

Method #1: Heating up a screwdriver with a candle

It didn't work, BUT it did weaken the end of the egg so that it was easier to poke through with a screw.

Method #2: Screw a screw into the end of the egg

Didn't work very well (although, when combined with the heated screwdriver previously mentioned, it had the best effect of any method I tried.)

Method #3: Cut a hole or X in the end of the egg with a box cutter

Because the plastic in these eggs is hard, this method wasn't very good, and also kind of scary.

Verdict: Try a drill or Dremel! I didn't, but I would love to hear your results.

After you get a hole punched into the end of your egg one way or another, push the post of the ring base through the egg. Depending on the size of your hole, this might be good enough, or you might need to glue a dab of hot glue somewhere to secure the egg.

easter egg ring filled

Fill it up with treats!


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  • Tammy said:

    What a great idea…I was just at dollar tree this a.m. and looked at those for putting inside an egg for the egg hunt. I like this idea much better and will be doing it for the kiddos…I will use a drill…Just the thought of using a boxcutter is crazy…you ought to remove that idea…never know what people will do.

  • heather (author) said:

    @Tammy, good point. It didn’t really work! I will strike it thru!

  • Michelle L. said:

    I love the ring!!! So cute and perfect use for both those dollar store items. Gonna make one for ME! And totally gonna add Hershey’s Kisses, that is genius.

  • Kate Edwina Hook Nancarrow said:

    how about heating a darning or thick needle? I’ve found that works super-well for making holes in other plastic charms that I want to add to my charm bracelets. You could start with a smaller sharper needle…and work your way up to using the, usually more blunt, darning needle. And then maybe even a metal knitting needle. Lovely idea for Easter! Thanks, Crafty Lady!

  • Happy Home Fairy said:

    This is SOOOO magical – I loooove it! Thanks for the great idea!!! I think my Happy Buddy would fill his up with Animal Crackers!!

  • silly eagle books said:

    This makes me smile–I love that you resused the ring pop holders—I was wondering where you got them. It’s even more fun that you must eat the candy before attempting the craft. :)

  • Rachel said:

    That is so fun!!! I’ll have to try this!

    I’d love to have you share this at my For the Kids Link Party! Stop by and check it out!


  • Nicola @ Twisty Noodle said:

    Really creative idea! My kids are going to love these.

  • Sarah said:

    Cute! Yes, completely impractical…but fun for the kids! :)


  • Laurie {Tip Junkie} said:

    Holy smokes that is so flippin’ cool! I’m dying for one Heather.

  • Lisa Carcases said:

    Can the stem of the ring somehow be cut off? This way you wouldn’t even have to worry about drilling a hole. You could just hot glue the egg to the ring.

  • heather (author) said:

    @lisa, yep, you’re brilliant! I’m sure it would be super easy to cut the nub off the ring!

  • Sarah Doyle said:

    These are super! I have a granddaughter (5 years old!) that absolutely LOVES jewelry, especially rings! She would love this.

  • radhika said:


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  • Lillian Pearl Designs said:

    What a cute idea! I might use this at an event coming up!

  • Katrina @ In Katrina's Kitchen said:

    This is such a simple and GREAT idea!! ?- Katrina

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  • Cindi said:

    Love this craft. Made it this week at our Easter craft playdate and all the girls (aged 4) loved it.

  • Amy Cheng said:

    Cute idea! I use a hot glue gun to make holes in plastic eggs or even plastic tree bulbs. If it doesn’t melt all the way thu I use scissors to snip the hole open from the inside. Hope that helps!

  • Misty said:

    Such an Awesome Idea! Girls will totally love this :) Could maybe do for boys too – Like a Dinosaur Egg

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