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Make Designer Decoupaged Candles

18 January 2012 68,847 views 13 Comments

by heather

Dollar store craft: Designer decoupaged candles using Vera Bradley napkins and candles from the dollar store

Dress up your plain battery-operated candles with a pretty designer treatment. Over at Crafting Rebellion, The Rebel Crafter decoupaged some pretty Vera Bradley paper napkins to inexpensive dollar store candles - and these candles are flameless, so you can use them forever. [how to make designer decoupaged candles]

As of the writing of this post, paper napkins at Vera Bradley are less than $5 a package, which will make at least 20 candles! This would be a great bridal shower favor. Of course, you can scour the paper goods section at your local dollar store (or even Target), and find cool napkins for $1 and up.

Project Estimate:

  • Battery-operated candle, $1
  • Paper napkins, $1 and up
  • Mod Podge, on hand

Total: $2 and up

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  • Elysapeth said:

    cute idea! I MUST have to try it

  • Teresa said:

    These are so pretty..where do you get the napkins? My dollar store only has the small tea light size candles though..

  • Tara said:

    So cute!! What Dollar Store was it that you got these?

  • heather (author) said:

    @tara, you should be able to find them at Dollar Tree.

  • Michelle said:

    Tried both of my dollar tree and there website but can’t find them. I am going to keep trying though maybe they are just sold of them.

  • Katie said:

    WOW these are breath taking… I would have never thought to make something like this! I’ll have to go to my Dollar Tree to see if they have them so I can make some holiday inspired candles!

  • Nice Things by Nee-C said:

    My local Dollar Tree Stores do not have these candles.- (South Carolina) I think each store orders items that they think will sale at their location.
    Great Idea for gifts or craft fair sale items.

  • mishellypooh said:

    I can not find the Candles.

    I checked Dollar tree

  • Michelle said:

    I tried my dollar tree and Deals in springfield illinois and they did not have them I went back a week later and they did have them I think they may be selling out of them quick so I would keep checking back.

  • Leslie said:

    You may want to try Dollar General, I have found them in the candle section at Dollar General.

  • Nicole said:

    Which style of napkin did she use? The square or the rectangle?

  • Odie said:

    You can find those candles at “The Christmas Tree Shops”.