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Shopping at DollarTree.com: Wedding Edition

23 April 2012 1,420,297 views 22 Comments

by rhonda

what to buy at the dollar tree for your wedding

Wedding season is almost upon us once again!  Are you or anyone you know preparing for the Big Day?  Wedding crafts are among the most popular category of dollar store crafts; when planning a wedding on a budget (and who isn't these days?) even those who've never crafted a day in their lives pick up their glue guns and DIY as much as possible in the name of saving money.  We've rounded up some of our favorite wedding-related dollar store crafts.  Wondering what kinds of things you should look for at the dollar store for your wedding crafts?  All of these crafts involve items you can find at Dollar Tree.

[Tissue Paper]


balloon paper lanterns

[Tissue Paper Balloon Lanterns by Kleas]

If you're looking for an economical, DIY alternative to store-bought paper lanterns, try this easy idea incorporating balloons and tissue paper.  The resulting papier-mache-like lanterns can be customized easily by using tissue paper in your wedding colors.

[White Wedding Favor Boxes]

[Heart Favor Boxes by Shindig Parties To Go]

This project was originally made for Valentine's Day, but it translates well to weddings!  Using colorful scrapbook paper, plain white favor boxes are transformed into festive heart favor boxes!  Replace the colors and embellishments however you see fit to make them match your wedding theme; the technique remains the same.

[All-Occasion Gift Wrap]

[Fruit Drop Candies]

[Extra Large Star Party Favors by The Cheese Thief]

These origami star favors are super economical; just a few rolls of wrapping paper is all you need to make enough for all of your guests!  Tuck hard candies or other treats inside as a special surprise for the recipients.

[Clear Cello Wrap]

[Cellophane Origami Star Garland by The Cheese Thief]

Once you've mastered folding origami stars, grab a roll of cello wrap and some string to make this crystal-like star garland.  Hang them alongside clear Christmas lights for a little bit of elegant sparkle!

[Silk Roses]

[Round Candle Holders]

[Rose Votive Candle Holders by Two Crafty Mules]

Don't know what to do with all of those silk flowers in the craft department at Dollar Tree?  If you can find roses in the right colors for your wedding, make rose votive holders!  Look for glass candle holders that are rounded to make a nicely-shaped flower.

[Serving Trays]

[Taper Candle Holders]

[Colorful Tiered Trays by Joy's Hope]

Tiered trays are one of the most popular varieties of dollar store craft.  This variation, assembled from serving trays and candlesticks, uses spray paint to add a pop of color.  (If you use paint that is not food-safe, make sure you do not place food items directly on the trays; use a barrier such as cocktail napkins or cupcake liners to keep your guests safe!)

[Crepe Paper Streamers]

[Crepe Paper Flower Corsages by Under the Table and Dreaming]

Let's not forget one of the handmade goodies you will need for members of your wedding party and for distinguished guests: corsages!  While crepe paper streamers are a party decorating staple, fashioning them into frilly flowers is a twist you might not have considered!

What are your favorite wedding crafts using dollar store items?

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  • Michelle L. said:

    A fabulous roundup! I remember most of those, but some were new to me. All great!

  • Melissa said:

    The Dollar Tree near us has a square vase that we are buying and etching Celtic Butterflies onto the side of. We will then put glass gem stones and colored water into them for flowers for the shower.

    I really like the colored serving trays. Think I’ll be using that for the tables.

    Thanks for some wonderful ideas!!

  • Lisa said:

    I love these ideas so creative. I thought I was creative but you take it to a new level. I love love the tiered trays idea. I need some of these for events I do. This will be so much cheaper. Thanks for the great ideas.

  • Dollar Store Crafts » Blog Archive » Craft Challenge: Wedding Crafts (prize: $100 Dollar Tree gift card!) said:

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  • catherine said:

    I used Dollar Store picture frames to decorate the fire place mantle at our venue. Printed off some of our favorite pictures of my husband and I throughout the years, our guests loved looking at them. Also used white lanterns from the Dollar Store to decorate outside.

  • Rox said:

    at son and daughter n law wedding..the center pieces… we took. clear round glass vases.. put in the jell balls clear.. put silk gerber daisy floating.. and set it on a mirror.. with some mother of pearl glitter on the mirror .. the mirrors were in the picture frame area.. took off the frame..each center piece cost 3 dollars..

  • Deanna said:

    I bought the Libby square vases and the square mirrors (in the candle section). We will put votive candles in the vases and surround with a mix of small shells and green stones.

    We are dressing up the favor boxes by stamping a floral design on one side and “Thank You” on the other.

  • Mary said:

    I didn’t read all the comments, but if no one else posted then an idea to not worry about edible paint on the serving trays is to only paint the back side only of the clear plastic trays…we sprayed some with glitter spray and it looked great without the worry of the glitter flaking off. Just a thought.

  • Kelly said:

    Mary, that was a very good, just a thought!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patricia said:

    I am planning as much stuff as I can at the dollar tree for my wedding next summer so I am loving the ideas. I already have been stock piling the star glass candle holders they have and plan on using their serving trays too. My fiance and I talked about it and decided this was best because when his sister was married, they had glass and crystal trays and bowls and we had to help empty everything and pack it all up. It was a pain! So we don’t want that burden on anyone and figure if we buy the stuff at dollar tree, we can throw it away and it won’t be a big deal. I probably will also have the candle holders double as wedding favors and then people can take one if they want it or not.

  • Betty Adkins said:

    Don’t stop with the above ideas……what about the gift baskets for out of town guest, bridesmaids or just things for the brides room such as:
    Out of towners- Treats, water, note pads, tissues, pens, tooth brush, toothpaste, gum, mints, etc
    Bridesmaids and bridal room-nail files, nail polish, polish remover, safety pins, needls, thread, mascara, ribbons, hair pins, water, tooth brushes, tooth paste, perfume, makeup, etc.

  • Patti said:

    When I got married a few years ago on Dec. 30th, I wanted a winter theme not Christmas or New Years. So my friend and I made the centerpieces from a dollar store. We bought two snowmen for each table. We removed the hats and scarves from each one. We left the mittens on as we could not remove them.
    I used black ribbon and sewed “bow ties” on the groom snowman and add ed a small tulle or lace veil from scraps I had. I also got small artificial flowers and ribbon from the dollar store and made small bouquets for my bride snowman(woman? lol). I put a snow bridal couple in the middle of each round table andd scattered artificial snow( also from the dollar store) and silver wrapped candy like Hershey kisses. They were a huge hit and I had none left after the reception as people took them home

  • hunter said:

    i love rox’s idea.. my suggestion would be to use a tealight and the rose votive idea together so the center of the floating flower in the vase has a glow. or even use flameless tealghts and make the flower around it leaving the switch accessible and put a square of packing tape after you turn them on to make it waterproof

  • tabitha said:

    where can I get the dollar tree rings? does anyone know? Ive looked online and cant find them anywhere.

  • heather said:

    @tabitha, what kind of rings do you mean? I would check all the Dollar Trees in your area — sometimes each store has slightly different merchandise.

  • tabith said:

    Sorry I thought I posted this on the page where it was. It is under the bridal shower favors, the rings with the gold ribbon attached to it. They no longer sell them there because it is past valentines day

  • heather said:

    @tabitha yeah, a lot of items are seasonal at Dollar Tree. Maybe next year?

  • Angie Moon said:

    I am helping my niece with her wedding. For the center pieces I bought 20 of the clear plastic serving bowls that were in the wedding section. I am going to put silk flowers,colored glass beads,floating candles and to really set it off I bought the light up wrist bracelets for kids and will put in the bottom of the bowl for added color lighting.

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  • JoAnn said:

    When my in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary we made very inexpensive yet lovely centerpieces using Dollartree items. We placed different sized wine gobblets filled with water on a glass mirror,then placed floating candles in the water. We then placed a single silk rose with a ribbon on the mirror, along with their original wedding picture placed in the gold cardboard picture frames we found in the wedding section. The tables looked elegant when we lit the candles. We received so many compliments. No one would have guessed we bought everything at Dollartree and spent less than $5 on each centerpiece!

  • sherriseri said:

    Some of the ideas are good like the cake plates and the candle holders, but some others will make your wedding look like a kids party!!

    You want to have an elegant wedding on the cheap, not a cheap, stingy looking, kiddie themed wedding.

  • Tara said:

    I bought red silk mums and spider mums arranged them and put them inside the blue glass diamond vases. Added a white ribbon and table card for my 4th of july themed wedding. It was simple, inexpensive, and elegant.