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Tutorial: Snake Flip-Flops

12 May 2013 1,818 views 4 Comments

by heather

snake flip flips tutorial at dollarstorecrafts.com

Welcome to Flip-Flop week here at DollarStoreCrafts.com! This week, our team has come up with a whole bunch of fun ways to alter dollar store flip-flops to make them your own. Since I have three little boys, I wanted to make a pair of flip-flops they would appreciate, so I created Snake Flip-Flops!

Project Materials:

  • A pair of flip-flops, $1
  • A package of plastic snake toys, $1
  • Amazing Goop glue or epoxy, on hand or about $4
  • Fishing line, on hand or $1
  • A needle, on hand

Total: $2 and up

I recommend using Goop glue or epoxy on this project to make sure the snakes stick to the shoes really well. Hot glue will NOT work.

snake flip flops from dollarstorecrafts.com

How to Make Snake Flip-Flops:

1. Glue plastic snake toys onto flip-flops as desired, using Amazing Goop glue or epoxy. Allow to dry for a few minutes until snakes are set in place.

2. Secure snake toys to sandals using fishing line and a needle. Wrap and knot the fishing line around the snakes in several places to add extra security to the snake toys.

snake flip flop tutorial from dollarstorecrafts.com

3. Wait until glue is completely dry and cured, according to package instructions.

snake flip-flops from dollarstorecrafts.com


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