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Tutorial: Make a Duck Tape® Fox Backpack

13 September 2013 8,918 views 3 Comments

by heather

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Duck Tape Fox Backpack - so cute

I love crafting with Duck Tape®! One of the great things about Duck Tape® is that you can create a super-durable fabric with it, and create just about anything you can imagine. Anything you can sew, you can Duck Tape®! I love this Fox backpack I found over at the Duck Tape® website -- did you know they have hundreds of Ducktivities there for you to be inspired by? [Find more Ducktivities]

Thanks to Duck Tape® for allowing us to reprint this great project tutorial! And thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post and providing this great content. Don't forget to buy Duck Tape at Walmart -- they have a huge selection of tons of colors, patterns and styles of Duck Tape®. Check the crafts, home improvement, and school supplies section for a great selection.

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Duck Tape® Fox Backpack Instructions

Project Materials:


  • Duck Tape®
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Crafting board

Make duct tape sheets

Step 1: Make a double sided fabric with 2 Duck Tape® Sheets.

Step 2: Make 2 double sided strips of Duck Tape® that are 10 in. long.

Step 3: Make a double sided strip that is 8.25 in. long.
Duck Tape Backpack

Step 4: Make a double sided fabric using 2 Duck Tape® Sheets. Cut a piece from your fabric that is 8.25 in. wide and 4.75 in. long.

Step 5: Assemble your pieces together. Attach both step 1 pieces with the piece from step 3. Take one of your step 1 pieces and attach the strips from step 2 to both sides of it. Then attach your step 4 piece at the top.
Duck Tape Backpack

Step 6: Fold up your bag. Step 1 pieces will be the front and back, the step 3 strip will be your bottom, and the strips from step 2 are the sides. Step 4 strip will be your flap. Attach using strips of Duck Tape®.
Duck Tape Backpack

Step 7: Make 2 thinner double sided strips of Duck Tape®, measuring the length you want for your straps.

Duck Tape Backpack

Step 8: Attach your strips from step 7 to your bag and fold down your flap.

Duck Tape Backpack

Step 9: Make ears using a double sided strip of Duck Tape® and cut out your ear shape.

Step 10:Add more details to front of your backpack, including eyes and a nose.


Duck Tape Fox Backpack - so cute

Find Duck Tape®:

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  • Kathy V. said:

    Super cute!

  • K.W. Leslie said:

    You forgot one of your materials: A 12-pack of Duck Brand® Tape Sheets. They’re 8.65″ by 10″, so you’ll need at least four. Yes, Walmart has them.

    Or you can make sheets of any size by interweaving regular Duck Tape. Which I’d probably do because I’d want a backpack bigger than a 9.5″ by 12″ binder. But kids will love the smaller sizes.

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