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Duck Tape Fox Backpack - so cute

I love crafting with Duck Tape®! One of the great things about Duck Tape® is that you can create a super-durable fabric with it, and create just about anything you can imagine. Anything you can sew, you can Duck Tape®! I love this Fox backpack I found over at the Duck Tape® website — did you know they have hundreds of Ducktivities there for you to be inspired by? [Find more Ducktivities]

Thanks to Duck Tape® for allowing us to reprint this great project tutorial! And thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post and providing this great content. Don’t forget to buy Duck Tape at Walmart — they have a huge selection of tons of colors, patterns and styles of Duck Tape®. Check the crafts, home improvement, and school supplies section for a great selection.

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Duck Tape® Fox Backpack Instructions

Project Materials:


  • Duck Tape®
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Crafting board

Make duct tape sheets

Step 1: Make a double sided fabric with 2 Duck Tape® Sheets.

Step 2: Make 2 double sided strips of Duck Tape® that are 10 in. long.

Step 3: Make a double sided strip that is 8.25 in. long.
Duck Tape Backpack

Step 4: Make a double sided fabric using 2 Duck Tape® Sheets. Cut a piece from your fabric that is 8.25 in. wide and 4.75 in. long.

Step 5: Assemble your pieces together. Attach both step 1 pieces with the piece from step 3. Take one of your step 1 pieces and attach the strips from step 2 to both sides of it. Then attach your step 4 piece at the top.
Duck Tape Backpack

Step 6: Fold up your bag. Step 1 pieces will be the front and back, the step 3 strip will be your bottom, and the strips from step 2 are the sides. Step 4 strip will be your flap. Attach using strips of Duck Tape®.
Duck Tape Backpack

Step 7: Make 2 thinner double sided strips of Duck Tape®, measuring the length you want for your straps.

Duck Tape Backpack

Step 8: Attach your strips from step 7 to your bag and fold down your flap.

Duck Tape Backpack

Step 9: Make ears using a double sided strip of Duck Tape® and cut out your ear shape.

Step 10:Add more details to front of your backpack, including eyes and a nose.


Duck Tape Fox Backpack - so cute

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