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10 Handy Sewing Tutorials to Up Your Game

12 June 2014 10,933 views No Comment

by Becky Striepe

10 handy sewing tutorials

Want to up your sewing game? These handy sewing tutorials help make your projects - from plushies to clothing - look finished and professional.

1. Basic Ladder Stitch - This video changed my sewing life! If you like making pillows or plushies, this stitch is key for finishing your pieces like a pro. Check it:

2. Adding Limbs to a Stuffie - A flat plush is super simple, but what if you want to give your stuffies a more realistic look? Here's how to add limbs to stuffed animals

3. How to Use a Double Needle - It may seem intimidating, but this tutorial breaks things down nicely.

4. Simplified Cuffs - Sewing a proper cuff can be frustrating. Check out this simpler method from Running with Scissors!

5. Sewing Knit Fabric with the Tissue Paper Method - I always found sewing knits to be a little bit daunting, until I used this trick to keep things from pulling and puckering.

6. Invisible Zippers - Intimidated by invisible zippers? The Coletterie has you covered!

7. French Seam - A French seam looks lovely and finished, and it's not really as difficult to do as you'd think!

8. Set-In Sleeves - Next time I'm working on a project with sleeves, Casey Brown's sleeve ease tutorial is going to be the first thing that I read.

9. Sew Buttons - Think you know how to sew a button? If you want your buttons to last, there's a trick to sewing them in.

10. Blind Hem - Shortening a pair of pants or a skirt is easy, but the blind hem gives it a professionally finished look that you don't get with a basic hem.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Chris

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