10 handy sewing tutorials

Want to up your sewing game? These handy sewing tutorials help make your projects – from plushies to clothing – look finished and professional.

1. Basic Ladder Stitch – This video changed my sewing life! If you like making pillows or plushies, this stitch is key for finishing your pieces like a pro. Check it:

2. Adding Limbs to a Stuffie – A flat plush is super simple, but what if you want to give your stuffies a more realistic look? Here’s how to add limbs to stuffed animals

3. How to Use a Double Needle – It may seem intimidating, but this tutorial breaks things down nicely.

4. Simplified Cuffs – Sewing a proper cuff can be frustrating. Check out this simpler method from Running with Scissors!

5. Sewing Knit Fabric with the Tissue Paper Method – I always found sewing knits to be a little bit daunting, until I used this trick to keep things from pulling and puckering.

6. Invisible Zippers – Intimidated by invisible zippers? The Coletterie has you covered!

7. French Seam – A French seam looks lovely and finished, and it’s not really as difficult to do as you’d think!

8. Set-In Sleeves – Next time I’m working on a project with sleeves, Casey Brown’s sleeve ease tutorial is going to be the first thing that I read.

9. Sew Buttons – Think you know how to sew a button? If you want your buttons to last, there’s a trick to sewing them in.

10. Blind Hem – Shortening a pair of pants or a skirt is easy, but the blind hem gives it a professionally finished look that you don’t get with a basic hem.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Chris