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10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Sunglasses

3 July 2014 2,269 views 3 Comments

by Becky Striepe

10 Ways to Jazz Up Your Sunglasses

Hayyy, summer! The dog days are here, and that means sunglasses all day every day. Are you getting a little bit tired of wearing the same pair of sunglasses every day? Check out these ways to dress up your plain sunglasses to turn them into something cute and new-to-you.

1. Decoupage Them - Mod Podge Rocks shares a two-fer tute on how to decoupage your shades with glitter or with pretty scrapbook paper.

2. Painted Patterns - Grab some nail polish and decorate your sunglasses with pretty geometric patterns.

3. Two-Tone - This is another fun way to use nail polish to deck out your sunglasses.

4. Pearl Glasses - These Chanel-inspired shades cost a fraction of the designer price.

5. Studded Sunglasses - Give a boring pair of shades a hard edge with studs.

6. Polkadots - Grab a toothpick and paint and give a plain pair of sunglasses a polkadot makeover.

7. Seed Bead Glasses - Shiny seed beads give cat's eye glasses a chunky glitter pop!

8. Pop of Color - This is a super simple tutorial to add just a little splash of color to your sunglasses.

9. Bejeweled Glasses - Add some rhinestone bling for a dramatic pair of shades.

10. Do a Swap - Mix and match the frames and legs on a couple of pairs of your sunglasses.

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