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[5 Jan 2017 | No Comment | 163 views]
Turquoise & Red Valentine Heart Wreath

I have a lot of random jewelry components in my Craft Hoarder’s Paradiseā„¢ (aka, my garage), so I’ve been dipping into that stash to create my latest wreaths. For today’s wreath, I used a color palette I’m very fond of (turquoise and red) to create a small fun and funky wreath that has a bit of a folk art/Scandinavian flavor: a Red & Turquoise Valentine …

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[16 Dec 2016 | One Comment | 353 views]
Make a Magnetic Photo Advent Calendar

My mom collects Advent calendars, and also loves crafts that feature photos of her favorite people, so I used her interests as inspiration for my newest Advent calendar craft: a Magnetic Photo Advent Calendar. This project uses some items from the dollar store, and some from the craft store, and the instructions can be found over at MyPrintly: [Magnetic Photo Advent Calendar]
It might be a …

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[15 Dec 2016 | Comments Off on Make a Mesh Winter Wreath | 704 views]
Make a Mesh Winter Wreath

Take advantage of dollar store ornaments to create a pretty winter wreath using white floral mesh. This wreath isn’t holiday-specific so you can leave it up through the month of January, which makes it great for the transition time between the holidays and Valentine’s Day. I found a lot of pretty ornaments at the dollar store to give this wreath that special sparkle. Find the …

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[14 Dec 2016 | Comments Off on 11 Unique Christmas Wreaths to Make | 1,066 views]
11 Unique Christmas Wreaths to Make

After awhile, Christmas wreaths can kinda start looking the same. Well, don’t get bored just yet, because over at eBay, I have posted a wonderful collection of 11 unique ideas for DIY Christmas wreaths. These aren’t the run-of-the-mill Christmas greenery with a red bow! In this collection you will find a bottle cap wreath and yarn ball wreath (shown above), as well as some other …

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[7 Dec 2016 | Comments Off on Make Santa’s Coal Wreath | 459 views]
Make Santa’s Coal Wreath

What do you give the friend, neighbor, or co-worker who is mostly naughty (but maybe a little bit nice)? How about this funny dollar store craft: a Santa’s Coal Wreath, featuring all dollar store materials and candies. I posted the instructions over in my column at eBay: [make Santa’s Coal Wreath]
Project Materials:

Santa candy, $1
Coal candy, $1
Paper plates, $1
Red crepe paper, $1
Hot glue gun and glue …

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[6 Dec 2016 | Comments Off on DIY Hot Cocoa Mix Ornament Gift Idea | 562 views]
DIY Hot Cocoa Mix Ornament Gift Idea

Here’s an adorable and super-easy craft to make for friends, neighbors, or teachers: a DIY Hot Cocoa Mix Ornament. The secret to these cuties are the mini glass milk bottles and of course, some dollar store ingredients! Find my full instructions over at Live.Craft.Love: [DIY Hot Cocoa Mix Ornament]
Project Materials:
(Items in bold can be purchased at the dollar store)

Mini Milk Bottle
Hot cocoa mix
Christmas sprinkles
Chocolate chips
Mini …

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[22 Nov 2016 | One Comment | 2,202 views]
Make a Christmas Candy Wreath

I love the look of vintage glass ornament wreaths, but they are crazy expensive! Buy one for about $200, or source the ornaments and make it yourself. Either way, it’s not gonna be cheap! When I shared a photo of an ornament wreath I loved, my mom said “You could almost make that out of those little Christmas chocolates,” and a lightbulb went off in …

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[7 Nov 2016 | 2 Comments | 1,309 views]
DIY Woodland Animal Origami Wreath for $2

I went a-shoppin’ at the dollar store, and I came home with 2 bucks worth of supplies to make this super cute Woodland Animal Origami wreath! This project is super easy and cute, and is currently adorning my front door. Learn how to make it for yourself: [Woodland Origami Wreath]
Supplies Needed:

Flat Christmas Wreath, $1
Woodland Animal Origami Kit, $1
Hot glue gun and glue sticks, on hand

Total …

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[2 Nov 2016 | One Comment | 596 views]
DIY Gratitude Journal for the Family

Gratitude is good for you! Science tells us that practicing gratitude helps improve our health and overall happiness. This year, help your family out by making a DIY Gratitude Journal that everyone can write in. I posted instructions for this cute Thanksgiving craft idea over at Live.Craft.Love, so go check it out: [DIY Gratitude Journal]

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[23 Oct 2016 | Comments Off on DIY Sugar Skull Wreath | 828 views]
DIY Sugar Skull Wreath

Dia de los Muertos is a fall holiday that has gained widespread popularity in the past several years — a Mexican holiday honoring family and friends who have passed away. Celebrated at the end of October, this holiday (also known as Day of the Dead), is a celebration of life and family. Over at Live.Craft.Love, I’ve posted instructions for a Dia de los Muertos wreath …